you build up

I don't time my writing lately. I use line numbers and do fifty lines. It works out to 1700 words, and if i screencast record, it's about half an hour long.

Two kids have left for school this morning. Two are getting ready. I don't have to make their lunch as they are old enough. I need to spend time on my own now. I turn off that pc when it's not in use. We don't do that anymore. I don't think we need to do her zen thing. It runs on power and it's not necessary.

We are done with that. It's time to put things into perspective now. You need to explain things. It runs on power and i am on negative frequency here. She has a laptop now. Son can use this one. He doesn't have to use the laptop from her mom. Why can't things be that simple. We need to move resources around so everyone has access to it.

I guess that's how it'll be then. He don't have to watch internet on his phone. He will have to use this machine. They will have to grow up now. I can install linux on that machine. She doesn't use it for anything else other than her game anyway. It's time to move on. She has her own job. I think we need to make things clear now. They are adults and are expected to help. If not, they ought to help themselves and get out of the way.

This is teaching them maturity and become a good member of the community. I did not say society. There's a subtle difference there. Society feels cold. Community is there for itself and other communities. You make them a good member by contributing to the community yourself. You set an example.

You are giving a good example anyway. She has her own laptop. I think she can let this one go now. If she is not using it, turn it off. It's not to save or out of anxiety. It's just plain sensible. This way, other people can use it as well. Heck, i can do my work on that side so i don't have to work here. But the position of the table is awkward.

Do i have to wrie everything? It's to put it out of yourself. Daughter did not get up early today? I did not notice the noise this time. That's good then. I went to bed upset last night but i did get to sleep soon enough. There's construction in the next house. You see the difference here. You are responding differently to it.

It's like this. Wife gets home late tonight. They have team building at work she says. I get that. I don't have team building. I don't need one as i don't have a team here. It's an outside thing. You can do something else in place of that. You build it right where you work.

But how do you do that? Good leadership. Managers treat people as resources. That's not perfect. Good leaders make themselves as the resource for the people. I am broke. I am in negative state of being. I think she has outgrown that. Why do i feel this way? She has a laptop now. It's time we give this one to someone who needs it.

I can will install linux in that so people can use the library. So be it. I can do that shortly. Which installer should it be? I don't know yet. Manjaro sounds good. Let's get to it then. I can stick with that and see how things go. Do you have to do those things? I forgot to get glad wrap. I can make donuts later. I need to pick up son at five forty five.

One more from the library. I have several recipes but i don't have the ingredients. I saw a pepin video on how to make good omelette. I'll try that out later. I can have brisket for today. I'll do yoga soon as they go. Wife is still in bed. I can do yoga later. The brisket comes out later.

What to write about? I do six pomodoros. I write much. You learn stuff and then you write about these things. You do masterchef. Write as one and you get the reflection. You do not write like those crooks. It's how you build your brand.

That line took loger. You can divide them up later. I just did. It bothered me and this is writing on vim. You can post these videos later and start gaining traction. I'll do that. I am also building up my stories. You have nothing missing here. You can do this and see how it goes.

We have moved past that. It's time to get going here and see how it goes. Since he don't want stuff to be seen around here, we can do something else. Like what? I'm not sure. You can install dual boot on that side. I am done with dev work. This has to come out now.

Things seem slow this morning. You are thinking too much. You close your eyes and write from flow. Use your imagination. This is not writer's block. That block comes because of expectation. Write something, then iterate. It don't have to be perfect. You can simply start writing and make it better everytime you edit.

That's how you do things. It's simple that way and you don't have to go there. I turn it off anyway soon as you go i turn it off. That way, she don't have to turn it on and it saves on that. But if you want prefer to go around in circles, then do so. Should i write here or there? I don't know yet. I think the screen did ot have power. Where do you plug it in?

From there? Where does it get its power? It needs power doesn't it? I'll figure it out next. It did have power when i plugged it in the usb slot. That's going to kill your power source. It's not meant to do it that way. It needs its own. I'll see what i can do there. In the meantime, you need stuff to get things done.

Laundry can go tomorrow. I'll go out for a walk later today. Soon as you finish your coffee, you go. That's how it is then. You don't have to see all that movie. You don't need them. There's a jack pepin video coming up. I'll go see that as well. I want to try them omelettes.

It's not being in the masterchef kitchen to be a masterchef. You simply cook like one, behave...dsr as a masterchef. That is on the outside. The latter comes from within. What comes from within is more permanent. You stick with this and you don't need permission from anyone else.

It's the path then. Make omelette like a masterchef. This is my kitchen. It don't matter where you are. Let's use three eggs. Right now i don't have a herb garden. I'll start looking into this so i can make one. Then i can do a lot of other stuff as well. I have stuff to do and don't expect me to make stuff for them.

This is how things are today? Why not make sixty lines? It could be overkill. I have things to process. What's in that folder? I can look it up when i finish. I read writing books in my free time. But you need a schedule for them? No. Trust the synchronicity. You are open to synchronicity at all times. It's how i am.

No expectations though. That's not part of the equation. You simply point downstream and take it from there. You don't even have to go the long way. It comes to you as details of the reflection. See it that way. It's because you have dsr that doesn't line up. You know that already.

What comes next? You know what comes next. You do't even need those things. I don't even have that in there. Just get to the other side and see how things go. How do you do a lot of things with five dollars? You build up the equation. You build up the muscle that way.

Then get out and start working out. Let's do that. It's interesting enough so we go there. These two talk loud downstairs. That's their life. You have your own. You don't have to change the outside. You only change yourself. I already know that.

I respond differently now. Soon as i am awake, i can choose how to respond. They are in that dimension now. There is no time and space in there. And now you can see how things are connected. How am i doing? I think that is a label. You were connected then you pulled away. You see what happened?

I am done here.