your energy out

i don't get it at times, how these ad networks work. I'm aging this site six months, or maybe i need to do something else. Like insert something for copyright...or not. Anyways, there's plenty of writing to do here.

I am starting a campaign for real estate agents local. It's for direct mail. I don't think you'll find any service like mine around here. It don't have to be unique. I am cutting down on coffee. I feel like my system is blocked. I don't know how. It's like the energy is not going where it's supposed to.

At least here you see where it's going. Daughter was asking for pandora. She says the recommendations algorithm are better. I've been there before. I'm not sure. I liked discover weekly. Maybe she's not using it as much. Maybe there's just so much music that she doesn't like much of what's out there.

It's baggage like these i gotta go through. Wife just sits there doing urgent and q4 stuff. Either that or she is in q1 mode for hers and others. That's not good. And she's not interested in doing q2 stuff. Or maybe she doesn't know about it.

If you seek it, at least resonate that frequency, you will find others who are in that frequency. Positive or negative? It's all the same. It's up to you how you define it. Why is she not turning on her pc. Because it occurred to her it's irrelevant. She is not getting the points she needs to get there.

Wife is awake. She won't get up till later. She has late work tonight. What would you prefer for yourself. More of those projects. So be it. Let's get cracking on this. How do you get into more traffic? Keywords? New and engaging content perhaps. I'm doing that already.

How do you get them coming back? You don't act on the outside. You resonate in that frequency and the details will take care of itself. There be copy out there that don't make sense. It's the quality of the research that puts you there. It's not how witty you are.

The best way to make it work is to see it in you. Why is she in that light? It's her decision. You can't force change unto that because it's a process she wants to has to go through. This too is a reflection for you. You get feedback this way. I need to go to toilet. I'll do that later. I do yoga today. Also going out for a walk in the sun.

This walk is different from the walk driving car to wife. That is sunset and it's shorter. You use that for reflection. Let's go there later then. Do i do toastmasters? I feel like my outside reflection is limited. Then change things up. She has something simmering inside. It's anxiety.

I feel like things are still the same. It's because your response hasn't changed much. see her responding the same way and you reacting to it. Now that you are aware, you can choose. You have the opportuity to change things up a bit.

How do you do these things? I'm not sure. There's so much that you...wife just borrowed my reading glasses. This daughter...she has a great smile now. I have issues here. I need to clean up after this. I have ten minutes to write. It's the time this time not content.

What's up for today? You don't need these things. It's this then. How do you get there. Is it even real? You do not push things no hard sell. It's like a journalist that writes person to person. Do it that way. You gotta use influence when writing too. How did i get here. Maybe it's not working?

What is going to work then? I don't know. For now, you are writing morning pages. Daughter is not turning on her gaming rig. So be it. I think she's done with that phase. Do something else now. What's in here then? I don't know much. Only that you go to the other side.

Things are so different. You see this change because it's not there. How do you connect? You go to that dimension. You connect into that as well. You do this or that, it don't matter. It's more about how you use up the energy. It's how you respond to things. I feel like i am doing busy work here. You have a bunch of things to do...go to it.

You are aware of what's happening here. You simply go to the top of your list and work your way down. You do this every day. Sometimes sharpen the saw isn't on the top of the list but you do so everyday that way. Don't worry about it. Does he need a haircut?

You can change things around if it pleases you spend time in the beach. Get out more often. I felt sick that way. You can change things around. Am i still in my cave? No. You have prettied up the cage that you work out of it. You see where this is going. You know what to do here. Let's get cracking then.

Are thesewhat's in it? Go to your q2 list. Work from the top going down. That's all there is to it. You also have q1. That's part of the equation. Now that you are aware, how do you go from here? I don't know. You are acting on the outside. You put your energy out there. Use it inside. You know what to do.

Right now, just finish writing. Write then post. You didn't write yesterday. Maybe she needs them glasses. It's for reading. You can go this way or that. What you choose is how you create. I am not writing much then. You know what to do.

Help those who can't help themselves. At some point, it seemed to stop responding there. Check back later this afternoon. The stats update sometime after lunch. You can pick up your conversion rates by looking at them numbers. My numbers look good at the moment. Let's see how things go.

It's not the translation. It's the colloquialism. I can't even spell it right.