also my third

done. That was a lot for a monday morning. Eldest daughter woke me up to be driven for impromptu work. She's on study break from uni for the rest of two weeks. Today is also my third daughter's birthday. Wife woke up to greet her and i too was already awake for that.

I then had to buy bread for the other two's lunch, and had to put in gas. Son has hockey later at six, then i have to drive the car to the wife for overtime work. I may have to take the bus home tonight, or i can walk home. It's a five km walk from there. I might take a walk later after lunch.

I'm not having coffee now so i can have my midday nap. I'll have coffee later on. I went to bed earlier last night. Wife woke me up looking for something. She's kinda lacking in the empathy department. How do you teach her that? She does carry other people's baggage. It's how she thinks. Some people are built that way.

Not that i'm better or less. I am aware that my path is different from hers. I wear another layer and it's too hot. Less by one gets a bit chilly. I can't go back to bed now. I will toss and turn not getting any sleep and i'd probably be waking up the wife in the process.

These old couple in the hospital where someone is dying--it's an old storyline. The oven iron gets too hot. It doesn't explode and that's what my cast iron is made of. But i haven't seen it go red hot before. Ash forms off the top. It must be my seasoning. One of these days, i am going to test that. Maybe when we go camping.

I don't think we'd get back to that. The kids are older now. I don't think they will want to be cooped up in a tent for a week or so. If i were in their shoes, i'd come up with an excuse about work or school. Wife seems to not want to spend time with me that way. I'm getting used to the idea now. There's something here for me even when it's not evident.

I'll figure it out somehow. But for now, this is what a writer's life is about. At least i can publish somethnig on amazon. In the old days, this was a tough field to be in. If you are a writer, you might not be able to support yourself and will have to get another job.

These days, you can publish online and somehow get cash flow out of it. There be several outlets. There's also ppc. You only need a good idea for a channel or website, get traffic and you get ad revenue from the eyeballs. That's good enough. I'm afraid that my wife's nephew was taken for organ harvest. Where would they take him?

How do they get rid of the corpse? They probably have a disposal system. Who is doing the kidnapping? Surely the harvester is not included in there as it takes a kind of personality to do so. Maybe someone who is a butcher before but things did not work out. Someone who is not afraid of blood while working.

They probably have a room, or a holding cell even. Neighbors will surely see. How come no one is reporting them? They probably have a wall and gate. They come in with their harvest, close the gate and work behind closed walls. High walls or something that connotes covering.

It must be could be in some poor section of the city. Where would they operate? Where do they dispose of the remains? If they dump them outside, that's a risk. Someone might see them. They probably have a high temp oven where they burn everyone to ash. You need a warehouse for that. What about these cremation parlors?

I don't think they'd do so unless they get paid to not ask questions. How much for it? How much are these organs anyway? If it's a black market, price could go for a hundred thousand pesos. Then there be middle men but i doubt if they sell to bring abroad. These patients will have to travel local to get them replacements.

Then there is also a hospital involved. A doctor is in on all this. Could they be a surgeon? Someone must know about these things. But they get paid to look the other way. I've seen how dark these things could get. Imagine how poor you would be to not be affected by all that.

It's gruesome. Wife is awake now. It's almost eight. I write to get this behind me. I've already done my morning process. Kids have lunch. I wait for them to go and continue with my day. I do yoga. I write. Then i attend to my body's needs. It's yet another week. It's contrast week.

It's getting cold again. I have been fortunate? Abundant. Do you have to feel gratitude? No. Gratitude means it came from outside of you. Be in the know. You are in awareness that you created this reality. Then you are being responsible to yourself. By gratitude, you put the creation outside of you.

Why do they want that? There must be a reason for it. I am done with that. Maybe they have limited capacity to create so they channel all that energy to get more for their own. Maybe they have a higher calling to do that. There must be a story in there somewhere. How do you package all that?

When you put it into your awareness, it gets packaged automatically. I have the answer in there. My head hasn't understood the concept or idea at this time. Soon as i get more pieces of this puzzle, i am going to write more of it.

How do they gain from this process? What do they get out of it. What how do they use it. Is it outside of you. Why is it there. How come no one has asked this question. You can go ask. You have enough awareness to ask and get an answer. It's done. You've already asked.

The answer is already here but my local mind self is not bable to comprehend how it works. I have it here and now. Let's put that in there to process. It gets done when it's done. What happens today? Kids go to school. I don't think this one is going to stay home today. She already did so last week.

She might go for it again next time. How's that cough going? I don't know. She needs to drink more. The sun has to come in to that room some more. These guys have grown up. What happens now. I can go to the city but there's nothing there for now. Do so at a different day.

I can post this after i finish, or not. It's up to you. There be plenty anyway. I can work on this pc. But everything is on this side. I might stay with this for now. There's plenty of writing to do. I can do one story outline today. Put in the dialogue and actions. Fill in the blanks.

Where do you get ideas for that? It won't come from you. Be awake and you get ideas from creation. It's always that way when you write. This way, it's unlimited and it's always comes to you. Grammar there. But you get the idea. It's like your fingers do all the talking.

How do you go to publisher mode? You finish something and just publish. Can you make it easy for yourself? I think so. You can even create a web portal for this. But that's not my forte anymore. I have moved on. I think it's best this way. Or not. We'll see how things go. In the meantime, only do this.

Wife is still in bed. I think she's awake but shallow sleeping. I can't do that. Once i wake up, i find it hard to shallow sleep like that for hours. I can't even go back to bed once i wake up. I need a few hours to kill to get sleepy again. But i do sleep soundly.

I did so yesterday. That felt like a good long nap. I have that every weekday. The kids are getting ready for school now. I am getting ready for my day. I have hockey to drive the kids to. They might want to come along. We'll see how it goes. Do they have enough cash in there.

I think so.