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you don't have to do things their way. People want to read about your perspective. How do you see the world? How will your character respond or react? Is he positive or negative? It don't have to be a big adventure or it could be.

Why should it not be a big adventure? It's humans engaging beings from a different dimension. How do you do this? It's like dragons, but these beings are from the astral world. The local mind has interacted with them. They see them as demons but only because the psyche doesn't ahve the words to wrap their mind around it.

So one kid comes along and teaches us how it works. Or one human interacts and introduces them via social media. It goes viral. People think it's a hoax. Religions condemn it as blasphemy. But everyone can see what it's about. This being has powers so humans cannot do it harm.

What can it do? It shows us who we truly are. We have unlimited energy. We have all this technology to fold time and space. It's not magic but physics of the universe. It's physics of all that is. So it's einstein of the multi-verse. How would that be like?

There's a story in there. So einstein discovers how to access the multiverse. There's no hypen. It's one word. How do you see this as science fiction. Instead of going outside, you go inside. You change frequency. It's why we see the universe as empty. We do not have the frequency to see everything that's in there. How do you see it then. You go inside. You tap into that part of your self.

My head can't wrap itself around it. This is going to have to be a series. Man meets extra-terrestrial. The story is about him meeting and making a connection with this being. Why did they pick him? He is a bit of a simpleton. No. The better word is simple-minded.

This hero prefers to simplify things. In this way, he is a genius. He can convert explain complex things so that a child can understand them. So it first comes in a dream. Hero wakes up in the middle of the night. He sees an orb outside his window. He goes back to sleep and the connection is made there.

Hero wakes up with an idea in his head. He thinks he was dreaming but the voice is there and persistent. How did they meet on this level of reality? They haven't. All he has is this communication link. It's like an app on his phone. He has to talk to the being using this app.

He learns much about it. He asks questions. He introduces others to the app. They talk as they would to another using a phone. At some point, they get video hookup. In the meantime, the communication is there. Anyone can download the app? What if they could? They will have their own access? They should. For now, the story is about the initial connection.

Anyone can download the app but it only works when they are with hero. They need to be in one venue so there is control? Not really. Why can't everyone access it? It's because of the agreement with hero. Everyone has access in their dream but it's being responsible for one's self and actions.

Eventually people won't need that app because the beings are then living amongst us. They interact with those in the same frequency. Will there be discrimination? It won't be allowed. People pushed the button and that's how they showed up made themselves known. Maybe that's what north korea is doing.

But things will not even escalate to that point. What if it could. Then they show their hand. It won't even get off the silo. The means is going to get cut-off. Why not make it more evident. It don't have to be shallow that way. But that's much later.

Hero meets extra-terrestrial being and communicates through an app. What's the conflict. Hero intends to do ____. But he can't because ____. That's what the story is about. Fill in the blanks later in the day. Tell about the story of this transition. That's where we are headed. You are introducing everyone.

Now that you have the seed, let it germinate for a while. Let it sit there. The story will unfold as you go along. In the meantime, do this things and get to the other side. I can finish all that in one hour. I'll do them later after my coffee. I may have to go out for a walk later.

I can do that walk now. I can even run in the morning but that's for yoga. Do the walk this morning then do yoga after your coffee. But it's this way already. Let's go for this path. The kids are going on vacation soon. I'm fine with that. The other two have work.

So i'll only have two at home. This is different. The energy has already shifted. How am i moving forward with this? Change is the only constant. Change has already happened on a different level. Trust the timing. It's all here for you. Act on your excitement. Be in the light. This is how you fold time and space. This is how you manifest.

It's all inside out. Am i trying to explain things to others by explaining it to myself. This is what i do. This helps me to understand this better. Then you do so from the inside. You look in the mirror and see that person already there. You define evrything. It's all here for you.

Do i need to rearrange that? No. I like it as it is. I can move things later but that fireplace is in the way. I have a good setup as is. Let's keep it here and focus on your writing. How many days has it been? I'll have to take note. I may use that app again.

I'll do so after i finish these. I think it's still in there. Or i can look it up. It's like a todo list but you have to be proactive about it. You have the template. Respond accordingly. It's all here for you anyway. How will you behave as a cook? You need to build up your self esteem as a good cook.

What's great about this series are the characters. You learn more about them because you see how they respond to things. People then will see what it's like. So you have a number of them in there. The protagonist and antagonist are one. The hero is the one people connect with.

So you have several and the reader will latch on to the one they resonate with. How many are there? You can have three or four. Each one will have their own persona. Let them tell you how things are going to be like. Or is it all this? I think you see where this is going.

I am getting filled up. Empty the cup and you can start over again later. This kid has work later and coming home late. I don't have to pick up. Wife is home then she can decide for herself. I don't have to go there. It's fragmented. I know. Allow for this to be here. You can make changes later.

I see where this is. It's not heading anyway. I guess it's connecte. That's not the path. The sooner you get going the better for you. What happens next? Move away. You don't have to put in to that. You know it's not for you. Let's get going then.

She can go herself. This is where the breakup happens. I don't even have to say anything. Just be on your own. You don't have to explain anything. When you are in your own light, people will see. Teach by the clarity of your example.

They'll get it or they won't. If not, then it's not relevant. What's important is that you live your life. Be all that is' unique perspective. It's why you are here. You don't have to be someone else's ____.

Good for you!