i can do

i want to write first before i tune in with the essassani. I couldn't go to sleep last night. I felt i was there but there were issues in my head. I got up, read a few pages, then went back. It took several minutes to finally doze off. I got up at eight.

It's foggy outside. There's thick fog outside i didn't see the motorway after i made that turn. Nothing bad happened. It's habitual for me that when someone starts describing a scene, you know something bad is going to happen. I think there's a better way to write it out.

How do you write it out. Write like it's another day. Then you start to bring it what it's like when it comes up on you. There is no set up. You simply state what's happening. That too is a lesson. I don't have to go write there. You have so much concepts to explore that you'll have a good series up and running that way.

I can play with that. Do i put on the mike now? I'll do that. My chair seems off a bit to the other side. I'll close out my droplet. The domains expire soon and i can host local anyway. Maybe i'll put them up somewhat on a server that runs overnight. How often do they ping that?

I'm not sure, but this is where i am now. I can't won't run this laptop all day just to serve that but i am looking into that myself. Why not do a basic php server? Better yet do it on nginx or something like that.

It is something i can do on my free time. I am not going back into that but it is something i can look into. Is this a better profile? There's talk on that side of the fence. It is what it is. They can talk that way but it's all not perfect. It doesn't have to be. All that is is exploring every possibility.

If you are trying to be someone else, then you are not your unique self? Of course you are. You are being that version of someone else. It's all connected. I can have my nap later. When i get back, i have my coffee and do some work. Son has hockey today. I could have made him lunch. But he said he don't want to.

I'd let it go at that now. That's a lot of files there. I am still confused about what i am going to write about. Simply start. It's not the idea to write but that you finish. Start with a simple idea no matter what it is. Your intention is to finish.

Strive to do it in one week. Then you can explore other topics. Can i start now? Do that notw. That sounds interesting and it gives me a few ideas to play with. I'll start now then. It's the path i'm going on anyway. I take a break later.

In the meantime, i finish writing. I feel better now. How do you get to that side? The cat sleeps. Kids left early while i was sleeping. What's up with that? I'm not sure. But i can go there where she thought she was right, but it's not what i prefer.

You see, she wants to worry about almost everything. I would rather think that if it's here, then it's connected. That i have a process to go through. If i worry or get anxious about it then i am creating a universe that's dark.

That is not what i prefer. I would rather live in a universe that's neutral. This way, i can put meaning into it. With my own meaning and interpretation, then i can choose how i respond to it. It's that simple. I get on a good relationship with everything.

Wife don't get that. She's always anxious about something. I am here to set an example then. I guess so. And she to you as well. It's all here and now. I now see that and i've chosen what i prefer. Now i use up the energy. I own this.

I think this is what my process is about then. It's a late start for me. I have meetup tomorrow. Worst case i take the bike. I'd leave early then. I haven't been on that bike for a year now. What happened? Brakes issue.

I get that. Get working on your book then. You want to put something out that makes sense. You don't have to learn everything. You'll pick up what you know when you need it. Trust the synchronicity.

It's like yes man but things the univers synchronicity responds to your frequency. Yes then the echo catches up and you put meaning into it. Something always happens giving you the opportunity to put meaning into it.

The theme for my books is positive. I can use a thriller but it's still positive. These monsters exist only in consciousness. Then they are real. Yes. Because you put them there. Once you are aware of it, then you can choose to raise your frequency and realize what these beings are.

They are not monsters. They are extensions of yourself. You are all that is. It's consciousness. It's energy. You put them there because it is you from a different perspective. How do you write about these things? The hero checks in. With every stimulus, hero will take pause to go inside and check dsr.

This gives him the power to ____ and make an impact in the world. I can go there, or not. Why was the call coming in then? Maybe they needed someone to go with them. I don't know. We'll see how it goes. It was kinda tight that way. I can do something in the meantime.

There's that guy and that other guy. These are regulars and they are nice guys. If i were there i could have gone there myself. Or not. I can do something in the meantime. What else is there? I don't know .it's been fun. I still use the energy.

I get something out of it. Even if only to write about the idea, i still get somethig there. The ideas just keep coming. How do you get an idea from that? It's a group of tech people. How do you write this one out?

Pick out a character. Maybe an idea person. He gets an idea, starts to develop it and builds a business around it. Things happen and he builds up on that. The universe will throw things at you and it's up to you how to use it.

This is what it's about? You can fold time and space but you miss out on the creation side. I can explore this idea as well. What is the process of creation? Why is it important that way? I can listen outside, or choose to tune in from the inside.

The latter sounds better. It's more aligned that way. It don't matter. You can label or be aware. This way, you have a choice anyway. You helped out and that's important. You can ues that down the line. These kids have grown up.

It's time for me to reclaim my life. I can do things for myself now. Let's see here this is going. What can i do about it? I'm not sure. Let my self be light. I can be in my own light. It don't matter what's out there as long as i am aware of it.

So be it.