in my arrangement

i am wondering what the cause is for the insomnia. Is it the tv? Is it the phone? It's already turned off when i go to sleep. I'm thinking it's the tv. Or something else i'm not seeing here.

I may have to make changes in my arrangement. How come i sleep well during the day? It's a rather long nap then. I guess i'll keep it here this way. What happens next? My application was viewed. Que sera sera. If they call me hire me well and good. I am not going to put too much into it.

What do you want to do next? I don't know. I can go look at the website. It looks like everyone elses. They don't offer anything that stands out from the rest. Because of that, they rely on design. It should stand on its own, even if there were no styling on the site, the message should convert.

Anyway, i am not going to puff myself up for that. The moment they see my age or race, they'll decide against. I'd rather spend time on my media company. I am better off with that. What else is here? Why is she leaving without her food? What did i do last night?

I found out that my writing is good enough. That what i go through writing is almost similar to what the author was describing in his book. What's different between us is that he is published, and i am not. I can cross that gap. How do you do that?

Finish my book. I do one morning pages and that's more than enough for the day's minimum. I do this everyday and i get to the other side. What can you do here? Write about concepts. Slice of life sounds good as well. Put the two together and you'll have something good.

I think i can get a connection in there. Let's see how that goes. For now, continue writing this. You also have to start making good videos. About what? I don't know yet. Just finish writing. You have that in place. Let's get cracking with this. Is there enough memory for that phone? That part i am not sure. I may have to use that other one.

How do you deal with that? Remove all the other files? I guess so. I can copy them back later after i'm done with it. Is that kid going to school? I don't know. She has exams. Did someone wake me up earlier? I don't think so. I did went to bed much later. Maybe next time, i go as far down as i can.

Why not start writing over at that side. She's not using it anyway. I can move my stuff over there so i can write. What about that thing there. I can rearrange that. Use one of their books to prop things up. You see there what they are not using. You can use them instead. I get what you mean.

What are my other options? What is possible here? Do this and get to the other side. I drive the wife to bus stop so there's no rush this time. Finish writing. These kids are going to move out soon. The cat was here. I fed him and he's gone again. Where does he go?

Maybe it's time for him to mate. Humans tend to have sex more often. We are sexual beings like that. Given the opportunity, i think twice a week is about normal. Or not. It don't matter much. It's like this anyway. What happens next?

I was off balanced when my father passed away. I was looking for that pillar. Either or, i would have lost balance still. We were young back then but we grew up fast after that. I guess that's the reason for it. In the family, we were first to go there. That's something else.

We did not have the hand-holding that my cousins had. But our process--everyone else's process was different anyway. So i see. You are different and unique because of it. How do you use this then? What do you get out of it now? Everything is here and now. You already know what you got in the past?

It's the feedback. I am going to bed early later? I think so. I have yoga. I'll do that here. Or go in a room and do yoga there. In the meantime, it's what i do here. This kid is quiet anyway when he's at home. I can work with that. The times he gets busy is when he makes his food.

I am quite amazed at how he makes his food. He gets creative with it. I made burgers. There's the chuck steak. I go out for a walk later. Do i skip yoga today? I can go there. I do four a week minimum anyway. Term break is coming up again. I missed that window?

No. Things are different now. I have a habit in place. I write much. How are you? I am writing much these days. I know about structure. Now i need a good idea for a write. Which way do i go. I would like to explore that. I don't have to know everything. Just write and let creation flow through you.

I have a good playlist called writer's flow. There are much followers to it. It's a crutch somewhat. Go there and see how it goes then. You get pockets of music that helps with the drama. But most of the time, the music disappears. It goes in the background and you hardly notice it.

I like listening to it when i read. More so it's good when i write. Or not. But it's quiet and i like the flow when it's in there. I use it later. How many words today? Listen to the characters. You connect with flow and you write down everything that comes to mind.

If i were a character in my story, howw will i respond? How do i respond? You don't describe illustrate. You show. You tell them the story or describe how the character will respond when you throw them out the deep end of the pool. You already knew that see?

Now get going with this. How much time before wife is ready? About five minutes. She usually leaves at around this time. Then let's get cracking with this. When is the next round? I don't think i'm doing much of anything soon. There is that meetup.

I am going to go. It don't matter how many are going. It's the quality of the interaction. Then i go. I want to see how it goes. It's the writing. Maybe it's too far north. Then we go that way. Wife is still getting ready for work. Let's see how it goes.

What do you write about? You know the writing process. It's about the relationships. It's not your job to present ideas. Your job is to write and influence thinking. That part i can do well. I also do research and that's where the content comes from. What if you do things that way. It don't have to be cartoon.

Reddit is a good source of stories. I can go there and see where that is going. You simply scroll right through it. I have four more and it's time to go. So be it. I can finish right here and now. It's almost there anyway. I may have a few paragraphs to go but it's all good here and now.

I tend to do that often. What happens next. I can make sardines for dinner. I like it that way. Not too soupy. But i like soupy. The kids don't. You cook for them now? I can make my own arrangements here. There's spam. I can make that today. Or not. There's so much opportunity at every moment.

How do you find the right one? Things have shifted. What how are you going to respond to this? You know the answer to that. Let it be so. Then i am just about done here. Daughter will check what her bank details are. I'm done with all that.

I'm done here.