lack of template

two characters, complete opposite to each other or, they are so similar that like magnets, they repel each other. Each one coming from their own unique direction and path. When they cross, the ego repel each other. But when does it work together? How does it repel each other?

Intention. Both want the same thing, but deep inside, the definitions are different. The local self thinks it's that because the translation is distorted, lack of template. Why did she walk in this rain, this early? What does she get out of it?

Is it mental gratification? Probably. Maybe there is something or someone there that moves her to go. I am thinking that. I put myself in her shoes and i see it. Should i be worried? I think i should but higher self tells me that this is part of her process. That if i put in negative, then negative comes out the other end.

And the same with my story. One has negatives, the other is more allowing because of upbringing. The other is controlling hence becomes negative in nature. Even if the intention looks good on the outside, the frequency or signal it sends out is negative. It has a lot of expectations to it.

The other has learned to allow for things to happen. This person knows that everything is connected. It's there for a reason even if it were there to simply give contrast. As contrast, it's feedback you can use. This person has expectations that trips him up in his path. But soon as he realizes what his signal is about, he gains clarity. He gave up expectation and moves spirals expands.

It doesn't matter that he wins a round or not. He is being consistent. The other has training and money. This one has resources and abundance and synchronicity. This one has spirit connected to flow. What are his flaws weakness as a human being? Is he selfish? He has insecurities. Growing up outside, he thinks he is not worthy.

This is his habitual thinking. It's his pattern. But hen he sees how the signal feels like, he checks into his source code and makes the necessary changes. This is what his process is about. It's an ongoing process for him. It is ever expanding. Will he win this competition?

He can but would it be better if he didn't? That to him, it's an ongoing process. That him not winning will bring about relevant details that will show him who he really is, that he has the power to create his own world. Is that too deep? Of course not. He loses this title but gains something bigger.

He goes ahead and expands. He works at a top restaurant that gives him more clarity. He learns from the masters this way. He learns from the white belts as well as from the blacks. Everything for him is an opportunity to reveal himself and to raise his frequency.

What situation can this be? Maybe he gets more time to move around in the market and talk to people. Maybe he travels the world and picks up techniques here and there. How will this be made manifest to him? Will he have his own restaurant? But that is going to anchor weigh him down.

What moves his souls is the exploration and learning. Maybe he joins the competition not for the title, but for the exploration. The title is irrelevant. He'll take it as far as it will go and push his oppontent to improve himself. At the finals, he intentionally fails.

Those who know will see what he did. He intentionally did or did not do something to lose the title. Casual onlookers thinks something odd happened. The judges are aware of this. Their hands are tied though and had to give the title to the antagonist. The antagonist doesn't still get it. His arrogance shows through and everyone can see it.

How do you tell this with more clarity? This is the keyword here. You tell it the way yuo see it. I see the outline. I am soon going in and write the scene. The outline is clear then the scenes come out from the characters themselves. I don't have to think things through. I am only the channel here.

This is what the story is about. What is he going to do next? He continues his exploration. People do not have to know who he is. Some will but it's not important. What's important is the exploration. Is it? Eventually, the contract ends. Because of the negative nature of the antagonist, he repels everything he wants. He is still the poor little rich boy.

He realizes thts and in the end, converts. How? Is this relevant? Why not something else. This doesn't feel right. Maybe in a future story, i can go into this. I am looking for an ending. See that. You lost connection there. The ending is not going to come from you. It's coming from the characters. They will show you how it ends.

Put it all in that one story. You can move henceforth when you have everything in the bag. For now, connect and you have all of it in place. I go do the kids' lunch. What happens today? I think we have rain. We'll see how it goes. I had five hours of good sleep. I can play with this then. It don't matter if dream be not. I can always connect.

Use simple words that everyone can understand. Do not bog down with too much tdetails. Use only what is relevant and will move the story forward. You do not pad with too much description. Show as much as you can. Give them the experience. Nothing more.

You see where that's going then. The rains stopped but the winds are there. It was her decision. She chose that. Why so? I'm not sure. It's all there anyway. It's connected. I have more than enough. I can move forward with this. You do so inside out. What is on the outside can only affect you when you let them.

But when you are inside out, nothing outside will get you off your signal. It's all about how clear that signal is. Discipline is not what you want. You can be all over the place but when your signal is clear, the universe comes to you. There is that thing. So the story is about clarity then.

Protagonist is so clear that the universe can't help itself but be relevant to him. The other thinks he needs discipline to bring results but this trips him up. The signal and intention oppose each other. This is what you see in the world. Be clear. That the universe is resonant means a lot.

It's not the rebel but that he has a different source code. It's not about talent. This kid grew up with nothing so he learned to use everything. Without this curiosity, he would not get context. It's how you gain context. You figure out how things work. This is why you talk to people. The master chef does not have all the answers.

You go out to market and talk to people. Someone will have a technique or ingredient that gives adds to context. This lets you use it at when the timing is right. The other one relies on the master teacher. It's a title conferred by ego. You don't want that. Learn from the white belts.

This is what your story is about. One learns from self proclaimed masters whereas the other one learns from the universe. Protagonist grew up with nothing to connect with everything. The antagonist had a silver spoon and had training from all over the world. He has all the toys in the world. He even has a flair for good taste. But he misses one thing. Curiosity.

Curiosity brings creativity. Not wanting but emptiness. When your cup is empty, the universe can fill it up. Antagonist always has a masterful recipe in his head. But when the ingredients throws you a curve ball, what can you do about it?

You create something new. You use the flavors and do simple elevated. You create with as few ingredients but the taste complements each other. Even when it's opposing, the effect is positive. How do you do that? It's all in the natural ingredients.

There is testing.