nice to see

i wasn't able to file application for passport. It's nice to see images like this. It's why stories work. People, other awareness wants to see what all that is is up to. How do you make a story out of that? She's hot. What can you gather from that picture. That the room is dark colored. That's not your usual room. It could be a guy's room.

The outside paint is kinda dark blue. It's carpeted. She's hot. She must be uni student as her nails are not colored and not clean. She's busy with stuff probably. But if that's a guy's room, what's she doing there? It must be her partner's room. What's the story. Look at her phone. There be blemishes on it. It's an iphone.

Today is thrusday. I'll go back to the city. When it's not relevant for you, the energy feels different. It's best that you see it was part of your process. Now you can put your mind on something and get things done that way. I can go to countdown later. She can do it herself? I think so. But i am going out for a walk.

Or would you rather do that after you get back. I think that's better then. Is there another outside in takapuna? That shop there was good. Maybe i can leave these images somewhere? I'll put it back in there. Or not. We'll see how it goes. How do you digitize it?

I'm not sure how, but we'll let it go at that if it's not relevant then. These pictures evolve. It's part of your process. These chics are hot. That's what's different this time. If you are an immortal, how do you do that? This is what's relevant for me now. Next time the attachments are cleaned, i can revert back to that and explore that path.

The memory you have then are placed by you. You can choose to use that or not. But it's like wikipedia that you can use as referecne. It's there because...i forgot. But you see how that is connected. How or what is the obstacle then? Why come back? You want to explore and master creation? You already are master of it. You want to experience and deep dive into it.

That sounds better. But still what's the obstacle. Why go there. Why would the spirit want to do that? What is possible here? Maybe it's like an experience. You want to see how this will process. It's like going for a ride. You go because of the experience. And it benefits your soul.

It's not that you are building up for something. It's already there. I can use parole to play my media. It's like vlc somewhat. I'll do that when i finish. In the meantime, there is only this one. I can't write at night. I was able to fall asleep last night because i set it colder.

It's going to be tough when you visit manila. Let's get this thing up and running. What's the plot. How do you make this into a series? You journey for self-actualization. You already know these things in a higher level. Why come back?

When you can answer that, then you get to explore it deeper. Because you have a soul to follow. You enjoy spending time with that soul. It's a challenge. But it's all that is. You can connect with any other soul. How do you even find these souls? Spirits sound better. It's there by frequency.

How do you even structure this? Just start writing. What's the obstacle here. What's the idea. Hero wants to take it easy but everything (almost) that he touches turns to dust. I think you see what it is. It's because he puts someone else up front. He doesn't use his power anymore. Should you use power or magic.

Creative energy sounds more apt here but how do you use that? It's the energy. It's the consciousness. That's the connection there. He has it but is not avware how to use it. He knows that if he put himself in that light (thinking feeling and doing), then he can make things happen.

But it's a vague idea. He doesn't have a full grasp of it. But his immediate intentions are local. I would run but it's not going to fit in my schedule. Let's do that this weekend. For now, only do this.

It's day one. You never cross the same river twice. There is the higher self that guides, but really, it's anyone and everyone. Each one is connected and hero is aware of this much. He has listened to spirit guides and can sort what works and is not connected. This is what sets him apart.

How does he respond to curve balls. He redefines them. He makes them positive. As much as possible, he puts them in a positive light, no matter how it comes. Others see it as dark and negative. Hero is aware of this. It's opportunity for him to choose how to label these things.

Then he narrowly escapes unscathed each time. Things work out for him one way or another. That's what this is about. Then you can create something out of this. Hat's the worst obstacle you can put in there. It has to be personal level at this time. You then expand to include the community then go global and some other.

Does it have to be sci-fi? I'm not sure. I want it to be everyday things. It doesn't have to be out there. It's all in here anyway. It's not the past story. It's about connecting at all levels. It's there. Just lay it out and you will see the big picture. That lady has something good going there.

How do you expand on this? Just write about these things. You know how things will go. Do this and see what happens. How do you write at night? Keep to your room and then just start writing. I can get that sticker signed later this afternoon. I guess that takes care of everything then.

They have their own glue that they use. We can go there and make this work. It's the family. You don't need it. You can have it for yourself from the inside. It's why you have this. How do you teach them? You don't. You shine your light. Whoever needs it will see your light. They can pick up something or not.

Keep to your light then. I have time to write. It's quiet moments like this that you write. You connect to flow easily. You can do much more of this. It's there for you. Use the energy. How do you get there? See the frequency then match it. It's why it's there. You don't have to feel bad about it. Use the contrast. Then you can have feedback and make changes.

Once you get this at a deeper level, nothing is outside of you. Should i leave that door open? Not really. Just finish writing and see how things go. Is this added power cpu? Probably. But i'm using this anyway. It's all here for you. What next? You go tomorrow. For now, just write.

I can listen to my music, or not. These things are here. You do this and see what comes out the other side. I have the forms with me. What is next? You go there. Or not. You have this much with you. Let's see what happens. Trust the synchronicity. Always. In every way.

How do you know when you are on path? Everything is path of least resistance. When it's not, you have feedback. It's like markers along the way that shows you what's in store. You use it that way and you get everything along the way.

Is it that easy? It depends on how you see it. Others see it as woo-woo. That it's new age the secret stuff. My wife stopped buying that. She never did go deep into it. Now she's back to religion, somewhat. She has no idea? I think so. Then you can shine your light.

I don't have to. She'll pick up on what's relevant for her. I don't have to teach. She'll kno when she's ready. It could be from me or someone else. As long as she's ready for it, the information will come to her. It will be effortless as well.

I'm not better, only that my path is different.