the shining wasn't

does it matter what they preach? If there's a lot of testing behind it, then why not. You get to stand, rather benefit from that report. You can see if it's going to work for you. If not, you will attract to you bring to yourself what's relevant for you.

I'm done watching tv series. Is it the director or the writer? The shining wasn't good--the movie i mean. The book must have been good for them to make them into a movie. I've seen other movies by king. They are scary and good. I'm sure the book is better.

Hollywood seldom gets it right turning books into movies. A lot are lost in translation. I had this dream earlier. It was weird. I pickep up a skill and i'm not sure what that meant. I didn't get to sleep sooner.

This kid's up and is preparing her own breakfast. As much as i want everyone to eat together, it's not going to work. We are all different persons. I see that i carry my wife's baggage still. Do i go to the meetup? Am i afraid or do i need to do more writing.

I can do a lot of writing. Everything i need is here and now. I learn my own stuff this way. Then get out of that group if you don't have to go. If it's not a good fit, when it's not a "hell, yeah!" response, you are not opening up to what's next for you.

It's too far. But i enjoy going through that road. That part of town sounds good for me. Is it warmer? I would want to go there. When we made the road trip, i enjoyed it up there. How to get more out of it? I don't know yet, but writing seems like a good fit.

I don't have to go to australia. It's more of the same thing. Europe sounds better. I can easily get around that way. What needs to happen here then? Write. Get your book finished. You will know what comes next after when you get there. Do you need more sleep? Try different what if situations.

I'm not sure what the genre is going to be about. You don't have to finish the novel that way. Make it in smaller chunks. Make an outline, then write short stories per chapter until you finish it. It's simply that--a series of small stories that get you going.

You already know that. Do i still go or not? There's plenty in here to get me going my way. I am leaning towards not going. Am i shutting myself out? Let's go. You were excited about it weeks ago. You were looking forward to it. You are not that filled up today anyway.

It don't matter what you wear. Open up to synchronicity. Staying at home, you seem to not be open that way. What can i make for that cat? There's brisket. What else? I can make sardines after this. I still don't know what to give him. He don't like the cat food.

He likes something from the ref. He is starving to stand there waiting. What can i give him? I don't have chicken in there. He'll have to make do with the cat food for now. We had chicken last night and he wasn't here. He's late for that so we move on to the next one.

I don't know what time i fell asleep. My sleep cycle feels shorter now. I am turning into einstein sleep mode. I get along with more naps. This is good. I cut back on the coffee and i get to time out oten. Let's do that then.

What am i getting out of this? I get to read more. I get to write more. I read without the contacts. I do the laundry after this. I also make some food for my self. That's taking care of business. I gotta pick up two people later. I'm fine with that. What else is there?

I'm not sure. At least i know it's all synchronicity. This means i need to open up. I see that i am not entirely open to it. Let's get this going then. It's that classic i'm going out to get a cigarette story. Man goes out to get something and never come back.

Is that supposed to be with an s? I'm not sure but it is what it is. I still go. I have more than enough in here. I wonder what they do in those meetups. There be writers. And i am not published. Is this something you can learn from? I don't know.

We'll see how it goes. You have a unique set of skills. What's important is that you have a different point of view. That's what people want to read about. You write plain and precise. That's good enough to get you to the other side.

You simply write more to get that going. Write as you will in professional mode. Write as if you already were writing your novel or book. That way, you get to use better grammar. Use dialogue. Develop your characters. As good as it gets was good. See that again and break it down.

What was the aha moment? I'm not sure. I think it's when she saw the good side in the guy. It's when things turned around in the restaurant. I see. Do relationships like that last long enough? Probably. It's all connected that way. She has to make room for him though. It's like the mom is the same age as jack.

That's what's wrong with the movie. They should have gotten someone else. That would have made it better. But it's water under the bridge. If it were your movie, how do you make it better? The story is up there. You only need to find better cast. I see.

What happens now? Continue writing. You are not writing to be a critique. You write because you write. I could fail at this. I'm fine with that. At least i have this up and it's going to go there. It's a lot of work though. I need to get my stuff going then.

There's a workshop. It's the network of writers that i am after. What are my options here? Connect with others? Talk to people. Be open to the experience. You are not writing much in here. You probably need a time out. Why is that cat by the ref?

It's a pavlov response. He gets good food so now he's telling us he wants more. But there's no chicken. The brisket is for later or tomorrow. I don't know what wife is going to make anyway. We get bread later. Or not. What's next?

Do you want to go? I have that much to decide until later. What are my other options here? Go talk to people. Make it be interesting for everyone. It's sad that people have to pair off. Is that out of fear. What am i afraid of? If it were not a factor, would you go?

Of course. I was about to say "hell yeah!" so that means i'm still going. I need to make my food, do the laundry, poop then clean up. I'll get going then. The kids didn't have work today. Things are going to be busy tomorrow.

I'll see what happens next time. For now, post this then get on with your day. I was slouched there. This is a better writing spot as the elbows are low and almost aligned with the wrist. This chair needs lumbar support but the core is engaged. I am good with that.

Time to post.