when i'm done

i'm doing morning pages, then go out for a walk when i'm done. I don't think i'll be assisting a friend today with his work. What's weird about this is that he's got a job and (comparing my ego), i think i'm better than he is.

He hustles a lot though. I can hustle myself, but it's not the frequency that i am. When you hustle, youare in a position of need. That's ot where you want to be when you are connected. Cat likes chicken and hes' testing to see if he can get some more.

How come he's so hungry? I don't know. This n key needs some attention. I am connected to library and was able to fix the connection. It's stuff like these that i get context. Next time i am not going to talk about the good stuff but put myself down. I don't think i was. I was simply giving out information. I did not inflate anything. Should i?

As a writer who knows not what he's doing, i don't think i should. Besides, it's not what i am who i am. I am creating content here. It's what i do. There's not much else that i should do here. I can give the cat the rest of the chicken. I don't think two daughters are going to eat it.

We'll see. Right now, just finish writing. There's not much in the library for that writer's gig. Maybe that's a niche that's too tight. One solution here is to use the other keyboard and write from there. Path of least resistance is to do nothing so i stick here. I can have that one finish by the time i get back.

Let's do this then. I'll finish morning pages then go for a walk. It's part of my schedule now. I can do yoga later tonight when the kids are in bed. It's my slow down thing to get ready for bed. The walk gets my body out for sunlight, which helps me sleep better at night.

There is also that isochronic frequency. It's good to concentrate with it. I can use that when taking a nap although my head movement is going to be limited. Besides, the tracks they have i teh android app is very limited. You don't want to go there. I will see where this path is going then. Does it connect to the server in real time?

I don't think so. Maybe i can go to the website and get some tracks from there. If so, the audio is flat and you don't have the layers that they have on the website. That's what you want--the layers. It's what makes it better connected. Should i change some setings? I can test that and see how it goes.

In the meantime, let's just do this. I can do gamma for the walk. I can read my book later. That one too helps. Am i writing for thata? It's a different genre. It's more everyday things that i write about adding metaphysics into it. Am i teaching? No. You are simply telling a story about it. I can move some books aroud.

I don't think i can get those books. I have a lot in my library at the moment. I'll do something else and let that go. I can go outside and see how things are. I've been in this situation. Why is this different? My response to it is different. It's an echo. This kid's back from work. The other one doesn't get home until muhc later.

Mom has issues with that. I'd let them be. By allowing all things fall into place. He can do stuff for his cat. I dreamed and he was in there. He was just standing there and i was ready to play. There were two balls. What was that about? Maybe he gave me a gift there. It felt like it, something i can play it.

Why does she tink it's going there? I don't know. I'm not reading some of the books and that's alright. When i am not reading i am writing something. That's a good place to start. What happen now? Laundry is finished. Tomorrow is a holiday. I get up early again tomorrow.

Then we get back to regular programming. This is my life now. It's been like this but things are shaking up. The channel is up and i am writing a lot. What comes out of it i don't know. That's expectation. Just write and put it out there. You will see the reflection and get feedback out of it.

This is what happens here. You have a lot connected. It's the network you build as well. It was seven habits? It's beyond that. It's the reflection. I was in a positive frequency and i got a positive feedback reflection and experience. Is it the same thing now?

I think so. It feels like it. The echo is there and i'm alright with that. It's an opportunity for me to choose my frequency despite the contrast i see. It's just echo. You know where this is going. How can this be a story?

Your character is broke and homelsss? Not really homeless. He is broke and is in an abusive relationship? Somewhat. Act three is that he finds his voice and comes out of the closet. So how does he get there? There is a global economic downturn. Jobs are hard to come and he knew it was coming. It's why he stuck to writing. He knew that by creating content he can do this on autopilot.

What is the shift? How did he get back his balance. He just went at it. He wrote everyday. He wrote in six pomodoro sessions. He kept at it. He was connected to flow. How do you do that? You trust the synchronicity. No expectations. It's all these little things he did to make it a habit.

Does he have to test it? You don't. This is my creation. How do you set make it real and credible? I don't know yet. I'll learn that when i get to that part. Right now, play with the idea. Connect to flow and write down what you get and see. It's about visions in the imagination. What if you were blind? Why not a series of stories that are all connected. There is a person who's negative.

Everything the negative person is doing to the protagonist only comes back in a positive way. Protagonist gets negative at times and he allows it to be there. It's part of the process. How did protagonist get in this frequency? Should i be giving out my source.

That would be interesting. It's all in consciousness anyway. That's how all this is connecetd. He is aware of where it's coming from. At that level, the universe is equal. There may be difference in the frequency but it's all the same anyway. There's so much books in the world you can't finish all of it. Find one that resonates with you and finish it.

You finish it because the writing is good. It connects with you giving you the experience and point of view that you won't find anywhere else. That's what your writing is about. How do you expand on that? I don't know yet. Cross the bridge when you get there. Trying to figure things out is not exactly creating from flow.

Connect to flow and everything becomes easy. It's all downstream from this. I think these kids are going to take it easy today. Wife is home tomorrow but she prefers to work. That's her thing. I don't have to put myself down because of it. I can choose. It's an echo so i have opportunity.

I don't blame others for my situation. I created this. It's here that i can choose my own response. Then i am with this at all times then. I have one connection from the forrest. That's there for some time and i can change it later. I get it. I have context. If it's not there, then i can find my own context. I find what works for me.

It's amazing this way. That i can find context and know everything. When it's not there the it's not relevant for me. There's a story here somewhere. I am not sure how it goes but the idea is tehre. I'll connect the ideas into my outline. Then i can make changes to that and see how it goes.

It's amazing that it can be this easy. It's the process you have to go through. The more you go there, the easier it becomes. I don't think i like that genre where fox writes. It's not me. It's too cheesy if i may say so. It takes a lot of effort for him but that's not where my flow comes from.

Show me.