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how do you write comedy? You don't. You write about unique perspective. If it comes out funny, then it's a comedy. If not, then it's a story that could be something else. That one got away, that flea. How do i write this story then?

You pick out an idea. It has to have intention and obstacle. Where's that package? What is happening? I can hang the laundry then check out the mailbox. It's here last week. I love that wood on the cello. Where am i going with this? So what if it doesn't work out? I live in synchronicity.

If this doesn't work out, then i have expectations in place. That tells me to let go and just be in the light. Be in the light means you act on your excitement. It doesn't matter how things work out. I go out for a walk when son gets home. I have time to write.

Do i make a video here? Wife saw a livestream yesterday and i was able to explain to her what it was. That i knew how to make it work. Why is there a fly there? I guess it got away. I am listening to cello music. Does that design be a function? It could be. I see them in other cello. There could be videos on cello as well.

My news feed is going to be flooded with cello when i finish this video. Opera browser seems to be ok now. It's my default browser now. It's fast. I get 500 on the ethernet. On wifi, it's above forty. That's good. On firefox, i'd get lucky to hit 30. Most of the time, speedtest only shows below 20 at best.

That is fast enough, but if it could be more and effective then why not. Opera opens images and gifs without any issues. What bothered me before is the keyring on startup but i guess it's the price you pay for security. What's the story here? You are doing research and adding to the experience. This is what a writer's days are about.

You then go out on the edge and jump into the dark. You are not going to find out what happens next until you dive in. That's when the story reveals itself to you. If there's a knock in there then so be it. Maybe i should just leave the door open. I just did. I think playlists like this follow the album pattern.

How do you write it out? You simply start. You will iterate it better over time. If yo udon't write then you are not going to have anything to iterate over. I miss running in that field. Why don't you just run. You can do yoga at this time. It's better this way anyway.

I guess so. I can run tomorrow? I can. Let's do that. Simply do the bare minimum. Do four or six. I think i was up to six last time. Let's go for it then. I will check the mailbox when i finish these. Do i have to do anything else? I'll go check out them ad thing and see how it goes.

I think i may have to give up that wordpres site. Things are shifting. You let it be so. Ride the wave and trust synchronicity. It'll get you there faster. This is part of your process. That episode was a dud. Who wrote it? How could you can you make it funnier?

I'm not sure. I don't have context on it. You have been following this all along. Maybe there is something here for you. It could be oe of those episodes where you find something here that makes sense. I see that. What would you can you do different? That flea is around here somewhere. Or did it go someplace else?

This is not working out. This is so much better. I have that on my screen and it looks real. I can live off that. I have been in simialr situation. I can add two and two together to match that frequency. It's a tent or something. You can go out and live there that way. Why don't you.

I am putting conditions into it. Simply get started and write about it. I guess you can go there and see how it goes. You don't have to figure it out all the way. You simply start on the project and get on with it. Finish one in a day. Do your research. If you need that to gain confidence then so be it.

I can restart the gig and see if i get any bite. That takes a month. I learn much about myself when i dive into it. Put yourself in that frequency and you'll find out. I think i'll do htat. You don't even have to be there. You simply match that frequency. It's there for you anyway.

Pretend you are there. What will it feel like? You have the experience. You know the temperature. You've had afternoons in there. You are there. Can i add something to it? I think you can go into config and change all that. I'll see how it works. For now, i finish writing. You write much.

It's part of my process. Do not invalidate that hwich you do not understand. It's going to get you to the other side, or ot. Even so, it's still part of your process. There be cars coming in and out of the driveway. Who is that? Wife prints out the application for the passport. You are on your way.

I did yoga earlier on the mat. I get now that i don't need the mat. The experience was different. I can do better without it? I can do things differently. Not that one is better or worse than the other. It's always different. You can write about these things. Tell me the story.

Pick out an idea then expand on it. The images are scaled. I'm alright with it. I can check out the other desktop. It's all here for you anyway. I don't think people will look into that but if it's there, then you have an audience. It don't have to be a game changer. Just(simply) put it out there without expectations.

That's what you do. There be flies. The taunt? I did not get that one. I see them fly around. I think she is hungry. Is there food. I think so, but not what they want. Does it have to be that way? You are on your way. What's the idea then? Look outside. Write about it. You don't have to do the script.

How do you decide on which one it will be? I don't know. I like that setup. You can put the chaicrs together somewhat. It's the space overhead. It's the space around the tables. I can work with that. I'd probably clean up a bit. That's what the image is for. You can put it in your awareness. There is frequency that you use.

How do you move forward? You ride that frequency and see how it goes. You don't have expectations. You just put it in there. Your higher self will provide the details. You then realize and experience the outcome. I haven't had anything yet. I can have another coffee later.

Or i can make me a burger and sausage. Son might need food to eat later. The other daughter is probably on her way home, not yet. Too early. It's good that she likes where she's working. At least the saturday night market is there. This is how it was connected to that experience. Now you move forward and see what else is there.

You collect frequency? I think so. It feels that way. How does that work? You find out what it feels like. You see the dsr and put it into yours. I need to clean that cup. The fly apparently was there. Now you see where this is going. Do i have enough image in there? I think so.

They need to change the layout back. It's not working for me. How do you expand on this then? I don't know yet. Don't let that stop you. Get this one up and about and you'll see how it goes. Why not use the dns? That makes sense. It's much simpler. People might not know how to use it though.

I'm ok with that. At least you know where it's at. How do you move forward with this then? I don't know. Just write about it. You don't have to play their game. You make your own game. You play your own game. You write about these things. Why are you fighting it?

Play with it.