a different story

i can go out and explore, if not play. Play seems too out there for me. Explorations sound better. Excursion seems more interesting. I go out to explore some place i don't frequent. This way, i get to see more in-depth. I had dream about friends and one saying goodbey.

What was that about? I'm not sure but it's been noted. I like waking up with no agenda. Just wake up lie in bed, maybe sleep some more until there's no more sleep left in me. What happened there? How come i don't do that anymore. Better yet, how can i get more of that? Maybe sleep in a room?

Let wife bring the car then i'll go get it when i get up. That way, i go out for a walk in the morning. I can go around forrest hill and back down to that. She'll text me where she park. She can even park at countdown and that means i'll have to get it sooner. Why is this here?

I don't have to go there. This pic was poorly made. Whoever made that didn't understand color theory. Too bad, the quote was god. Maybe they can make that better. That's me putting it out there. I can make this better. It's the same with story. The old man and the sea was about an old man catching big fish. And then you add other ingredients until you have stone soup

writing your story is that simple. You pick out a character, put them in a situation and throw rocks at them. Do bad things to them and see how they respond. So it don't matter what happens. It's all about human nature what you write about. The details are just details. You can always look them up.

So pick one out and develop that character. Make sure you have...that's expectation. Just pick one out. I don't have to do this now. For now i do morning pages but this is an excursion in my head. I can clean up later when i get back. Should i go poop now? That demo was no good there. It was gross.

They should have used blue water for the demo. That was cleaner and easier to digest and something. I can go to takapuna. It's a fun place to be on a weekend. But i am limiting myself. Why is that? I can bring my bike. I can go to the library and sit there watch people. I can read a book while i'm there.

Saturdays used to be fun this way. How come i don't do that anymore. I can bring the bike to browns bay. I used to have fun. Why am i limiting myself here. I have conditions in place. Maybe i'll go out for my walk. I get back i write some more. What would interest me?

Learning about what this character will do is interesting. It's a man who's going through mid-life changes. I was thinking mid-life crisis but it's not a crisis. It's more a process. You give up the youth and you focus more on consciousness. That's different there. I was going to say spirit but it's there's a disconnect there.

Consciousness or awareness sounds like i'm already hooked up and it's active. I can go there at anytime i choose. I have that opportunity all the time. Have i been cutting myself off all this time? Now that you are aware, what would you do now? I can listen to consciousness and put them on my phone. This way i get to learn much about these things.

Let's do that. Or do something else. Like what? Explore the mind. Explore my universe. Get some sun along the way. The kids could be hanging out. Daughter went out with her friends. This one here tends to stay at home. I see what's happening there. What then? I can have breakfast. I do this for a year anyway.

I go out then break fast. I used to know what that was like. Things moved away from that pretty quick. What happens then? You can have things your way or a different way. It's all relevant and unique in its own way. You choose. What do we do next? There you go, i am recharging my battery now.

Instead of complaining, why not do something different? She just sits there. I am doing different. I was complaining about it but now i see it's only feedback. What can i do about it? Finish something. It don't matter what it is. What character would be interesting to explore?

Aha. That sounds interesting when you see it that way. Why not a fifty year old guy learning more about consciousness? Explore awareness and how it connects with everything else. How do you do that? You do resonance and reflection. How do you explore that? You send out a frequency and see the reflection you get back. You then match details with how it relates to your frequency.

That sounds interesting. What's the story there then? It's like exploring the secret. But it's a bit different. It's not just thoughts and feelings although they are a part of it. The secret felt shallow. It did not have all the answers. It felt like religion telling you to have faith and things will turn out good.

It works in a way but maybe it was me all along? It's not. You need to know how it works. Then when you have convinced yourself that way, you will know how to tweak things around to make it better. You can see all that negative and not have to respond to it.

Do you even have to be there? You already know about these things. What can i do here differently? I can sit here and watch the world. Or go to paknsave and just sit there. Am i a hobo? I guess so. I am a hobo that has a home. Why not write about it. A hobo exploring consciousness. You have all the tools you'll need.

What makes it a hobo. That's a negative label, isn't it. I write. I'm no hobo. I research. There's a difference. So i'm a writer. I can go listen in on people when i write. I used to have something in place. Now i don't have it. It's different now. The perspective has shifted. This is taking too long. You can add that to your character.

What's he doing now? He's writing. He is exploring ideas. He is looking for paths but they are in the future. He can't see that far. The information there is not useful much. But if you just go, then you will find much. You can go to albany that way. You bring a water bottle with you and just ride. You explore things.

That sounds fun. Where to get me a water bottle. That's a different story you can use. Get two if need be. You can wash them later but sodas are out. You don't need them. You go blind that way. I gave that up a long time ago. But still it's related. Where to find more images of that?

Running that thing takes a lot of money. How come it doesn't go back? It's directed to someone else. It doesn' go back to the community? It's about who directs how much of it. Then how do you make sure you get a share of that. How do you become a steward of that?

You put yourself in the equation. You write something up. You tell the story. That's what you do. The story in itself will bring te marketing to you. You don't have to do anything. The audience will find it and talk it up themselves. All you gotta do is put it out there.

You don't even have to watch these videos. You already have everything that you need. You simply put yourself in the frequency. You'll get it. You have the raw materials already. This feels drawn out but the ideas are still coming in. What is that guy doing there. Maybe he is support staff. Whos in the cockpit?

I see the difference there. Each one plays a role. Each one depends on the other. It's justthe toys then? It's how you use it. Who knows that guy there gets more from consciousness than the guy with the big toy. This is a theme for you isn't it? It is. I used to envy that. Now i see why things are as they are.

Each one is different and is in their own process. It's why you do not compare. You simply do this and that. I think the series she is watching is a cop-out. They can do better but since they get paid anyway, they don't. I think the producer can do better by setting up a bounty then run things around. But the spoilers you can control.

See where that goes.