get going with

insight last night was that i'm punishing myself? That i eat-overeat carbs to come up for air thinking i need a break. That's seems to be the reason for it. Now that i'm aware of this, i can make changes to my source code.

I was reacting to her behavior and i put meaning into it that's out of alignment. I am now have now changed that. I feel better about myself. There is no need for punishing anyone. The process is different. You live to your excitement. I guess that's what makes her tick. Let her have her process.

She don't need saving. She's getting something out of it. Yesterday was another good example of abundance. You are writing your book and your awareness included a new vacuum cleaner. You didn't have to do anything about it. That's downstream pointing. What happened to them? I think it's still there.

It's not in your feed because you have not been watching them videos. But if you did, those feeds and updates are going to be there. It's the same with your life. When you choose your preference, you get to see more of them. I don't get the pacman thing. He wins or lose, then so be it. Life goes on.

It's all moving forward then. People talk. I guess not much is happening there. No knockouts means it's not that good? Maybe the other did not go toe to toe. So be it. That's their sport. Do i go to bed? I don't think i can lie there wait for sleep and then the next hour i have to make lunch.

There is the luncheon meat. They have two sets. I'll make two sets then for both kids. This other one is going to get up soon. She leaves at around six. As long as i dream in my sleep and i'm aware of it, i'm good to go. I can always nap later. In between sleep, i get to write.

This means i get to go to the astral plane and, i don't know what it is you do there. At least i get a recharge on my thing. Then i wake up with insights that i can use for the day. It don't have to be fancy. Sometimes i check out who else was in my dream. When it's someone i know, then it could have been a spirit guide.

How can you tell? I just know it to be true. I may be wrong but this is my awareness. This is unique perspective. This is how i live my life. Dropbox isn't set to autostart. This saves on resources. I can always activate later when needed. I do so at the end of the day.

I don't need much back up anyway. Unless you go their way then you can but it's not necessary. Do i have to learn that now? I'm not sure. It's in my bucket list todo list. I get there when i get there. For now, it doesn't seem to be relevant. I have two hour to go.

Wife didn't put gas in the car. I'll have to go immediately after driving her to bus stop. That means i get time for myself in paknsave. I can take a nap when i get back. I need to do yoga then. I also can get sriracha. It's been a while. Let's do this. See how it's connected?

You've just made some neutral thing into positive. I would have normally labeled it negative. Give it legroom and you'll see how it's all connected. This is my life for the next six weeks? Or until daughter starts the new semester. If she is going fulltime with that, she might as well bring the car.

She'll have to work on that again. Or maybe the other daughter can learn how to drive as well. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. I finish writing now. I can do one scene everyday. I think i can get one scene into one chapter. This way, i have a lot in the bag. It'll be a short chapter?

I'm not sure. We'll see how it goes. But you can make something out of it. Let's see how it goes. Do you go straight with this idea now? It seems relevant. It seems to work for now. I have enough in the bag to get going. Finish? We'll see how the characters line up.

They tell you how things turn out. It has to connect with flow. But it is when i outline. When i am working on it, the flow is there. Should i go to bed? There's two hours for you. But i won't fall asleep. I'll simply toss and turn. I'll sleep later. I'll do yoga.

How what's different this time that i'll go straight with this. I saw the insight. I have changed my response. I've changed that before anyway. I don't eat that much. It was a break. It wasn't much though. I can take this moving forward. Wife came home late. I get that.

It was a late finish but at least it got me going. I think i slept shortly after that. I think i did anyway. I have new contact lens on. This is part of the reason i'm here every year. Then you have more than enough. You can always go back for more.

This writing is up for you. Do you know where else to take this? I think i'm reading something new here. Let's see. It's about sol stein. Does it make sense? Would you rather learn while doing? I have hemingway. I can learn from that. Those be simple words and short sentences.

It's similar to copywriting, only the story is different. You can make this work. You've been there before and you finished. Trust the flow. Once you connect, the story is going to be there. Write it down. You can always edit later.

Is that friendship there? I think so. That sys guy didn't get things to work. It got too complicated for him. If i set it up, it's good to go in ten minutes or less. I'll take charge next time. I have a good system here with me. The only other guy is that pinoy who knows what he is doing.

He wasn't there last time. I'm not sure he's coming back. I see. Well. Get going with your life then. Things change and you can change with them. I get how these things work anyway. If there was new tech, it'll be at lynda.

Hat's how i pick up new things. I learn them as i go along. Is this so much easier? Not really. It's different. And i can write. I have connection to flow. That's good enough for me. I can do this in time. You know how you do this? I think so. Let's do it.

I have more than enough time in here. I can do yoga later. I can walk home from smales. I don't have to go to takapuna? I think so. We'll see how it goes. I think we finish at five. I bring him home and wife gets the car at around six thirty.

That's more than enough time. Now that i'm done here, what do i do now? I can get a nap. I have an hour to go anyway. I can just lie down. Or i can listen to something in here. I'll check out what interests me then take it from there.

Oh. I can post this. Maybe later. This is more than enough for me. When to visit? I don't know yet. I get there when i get there. For now, this is what's here for me. What if i did get that business? The rent is going to kill you on the way down.

Unless you get a good franchise. Why did they not franchise it? Because it's a concept others can follow. You can create one here yourself. You simply provide the venue and others can lead class. That's how you get them going. Where?

Find a good spot and then go from there.