gets home later

i get sleepy but couldn't sleep so i get up. But when it creeps back in, i go lie down. I'm testing this to see get back my old sleep pattern. If not, then so be it. I'll get up and read or write.

When it's close to get up time anyway, i get up and write. To write, i may have to put on my contacts. If it's too far off and there's time to sleep, i just read. Do i have enough interesting books on kindle? I think so. I may have added a few more but it's all in there. It's going to get me to the other side.

Wife's at work. It's quiet this way. She needs it. Otherwise she'll just sit in front of the tv. She's gained weight. I almost couldn't tell it was her earlier. Maybe it's because of her running that she's eating much lately? I don't know.

Today is day one or day two? I think it's day two. Tomorrow i can get almonds or some other nut to get fiber down there. Suddenly i'm constipated. Is it the food i eat? Or does it have something to do with my sleep pattern? We'll find out. I changed some things up and it could be somehing.

The meetup next month is in wellington. I'm not sure i can go there or have anything to stay there for two nights and spend. This is...i can downvote any song that's not in alignment. For now i write. I don't know what time to go to bed. If i get sleepy then i go to bed.

What about these contacts? Should i get a more interesting book? Something that you can read by. What other movie can you watch? Write something it don't have to be a homerun. Just write about it. The movie i just saw can shade my writing so i'm doing morning pages. This so i can use up the energy.

Do i need a bigger screen for this? Not really. Just write, get to the other side. Going online to browse gets old pretty fast. This is why i write as well. Do i have to do research? Write edit until you are proud of it. Then you can see where this energy is going.

Do you want to listen to this? It's new. Should i plug this in on my laptop so it'll recharge? Probably so. It's the nexus i use for listening to music. The moto is more tinny, has more treble to it. The nexus seems to be balanced out, more flat. I don't know the technical terms for it.

It would be nice to have a studio like that but it's not relevant for me now. I guess it's not here right now. What can you do here? Use up the energy. Don't be wanting to be like someone else. That's what got you tripped up. It took you a while to get that figure out. Now that you know, you can expand accelerate.

How do you know it works this way? I can't explain how it works. All i know is that i'm not any of those guys. Maybe the good parts were presented. Or it can be other ways. But it's not me. I don't have to compare myself with that. I guess i was trying to fill in for the other's expectation.

At least i'm aware of it now. I don't have to go there. Is this music you want to listen to? Or not. But it's there. Maybe there's not a lot of cello music. This is religion inspired music? Or something like that. It's a label. You don't have to go there. You simply be in this moment and see.

That's alexis ren. That must be an interesting story to follow. What would be her desire? To make it in the modeling world? That's the obvious one. What else is possible here? Maybe to find the right guy. I like this track here. I'll add it later but for now, i'll listen to it. Sometimes they turn and lose my interest.

I can always come back to it later. For now, you just write. Later you can add to your novel. Use up the energy so the filters are clean later on. I can get decaf coffee tomorrow so i can have coffee three times daily. The caffeine is keeping you up? I don't know. We'll test several things to find out.

My path has shifted. I added this track to playlist. I'm building it up so i have good music to listen to. It's mostly classical music now when i write. The pop energy is too much for me to handle. I noticed myself getting distracted and the energy was negative. I switched to classical and instantly felt going back to zero point.

You have more ____ when at zero point. Is it power, options? I don't have the right word for that now. I put blanks or parenthesis so i can come back to it later. In the meantime i continue writing. I just went past the midpoint. What is this playlist radio about?

I don't know but keep the words coming. This track sounds nice. It's strings. Violin. Is it a solo? It has a background so it's probably an orchestra. A quartet is good to listen to. If i get the chance i'll go. In the meantime...the track changed. It's getting low on my like-meter. Move on to the next.

I just did. What else is possible here. Is it the sex? What happened last night? I couldn't sleep. Do i use that to get to sleep? Don't make such a big deal out of it. If you can't sleep, get up. You'll know if you are about to go there. The dreams play up a bit. Get lost in that and you shift into that zone.

I get it. This track started out soft weak or opposite of strong allegro? I forget. I loked it up and didn't find it for now. I'll look that up later. In the meantime, i can listen for something else.

This playlist is also a good fallback when i want to listen to something new. I add from this playlist. Maybe there be others out there. Do you have to go rock? It's a phase i go through. Right now, classical music is good for me. I get better soundstage. The music teases my awareness into it. I was in the zone writing when i listened to my playlist.

That's where you want to be. Is that our car? Wife gets home later. I have plenty of time to write. What other things do you want to explore? I don't know yet. This is where i am so let's see how it goes. I can switch things up later, or not. For now, trust the process.

I put up the folder in case it needs to be up. What time is this kid going to bed. I added this track to my playlist. So it's streaming model that he talked about. How do you see these trends? Check the energy and see how it expands accelerates in the timeline.

Also see how it affects awareness. See what the market is about? Not really. You get what's relevant for your frequency. This kid stays in her room all day. Should i be worried that way? Wifi i can't control their access now. Used to be just sitting there right beside me, or they are watching tv.

But they don't do that anymore. There's a lot on the internet they can do. I guess you don't have to control it then. You trust the synchronicity. It's their process. You can't get in the way of that. Trust the timing then. This kid just had his dinner. He goes to bed at midnight or later.

Do you enjoy music like these? Sometimes. Other times it's a different genre. There's no set pattern. It depends on how i feel like. Right now, i feel like i'm done browsing. If nothing is happening, you don't have to make things happen. This is your process right here.

That one might be nice but it's not here. Synchronicity is telling you it's not relevant for you. Let's do something else instead. Maybe posting these would be good. I'll figure out what to do next when i finish that. Maybe i need to get out more often? I don't know. We'll see what we can do.

Should i go on wednesday?