he is reflecting

i am getting sleepy but wife is on the couch. She'll leave in fifteen minutes. I have that much to finish writing. I'll do this, then get a longer nap. I have stuff from the library anyway.

What keyboard are you going to use there? We have the old acer keyboard. I don't like that brand but it's what we have. Work with what you have. I just found the mandela effect. This explains, confirms much of what the essassani has been saying all along.

The mandela effect also clears up much of the synchronicity in my life. There be times when wife sees things different from what i remember. Now i see why that is so. I have been solid on the 4th density experience all along. I don't have to get confirmation, but since it's here, this too is synchronicity.

It's all connected. Now i see that. What else is there? Only that you keep to your light. Is this warm-up? I think so. Two words used together you use hypens. I got a message from upwork but it's echo now. It tells me feedbacks to where i am now. I write this book. This is what i do now.

I don't have to deal with someone else's anxiety. It's not relevant for me anymore. I responded accordingly to the echo. This tells me what's different now. I am getting sleepy. I had coffee when i got up at eleven thirty. That was a long enough sleep.

If i fell asleep around four, then it's at least a six hour sleep. That's long enough. Then i continue on during the coming week. When daughter gets back to uni, i can adjust my sleep pattern again. It's raining now. We have intermittent rains during the week.

I can bring the umbrella when i go out to walk later. This kid sits in front of the pc all day. I need to follow up on his traning this week. I may have to go with him, or not. But leave it at that. If he decides to quit hockey, that's his process. We'll see how things go.

He has to make his own decisions anyway. Why would he quit? I don't know. He's not really there. Sitting in front of the pc is not quite exciting. Things get old very quickly. Anyway, this is what's here anyway. How can i build up expand on this? Only do what interests you. This is your frequency.

Then i go with this. I have books from the library coming in soon. It is kinda slow now. I can let it go at that. I have a number of books on my todo list. I can finish them and still have plenty to go around. I am sleepy. I go take a nap when i finish writing.

I fixed the cursor issue with vim. It was kinda lost before. This time, the cursor changes from normal mode to insert mode. Normal mode should be called navigation mode, but this is how they used it otherwise. Let's play with this. I miss those early days. But it's always like this.

Son is not visiting manila. It's wife and one daughter. I may go the following six months with the older two daughters. How will things be different then? A lot. I can do much in one month. I can do much in this moment. Then everything expands off that platform. This is what things are about now.

This kid didn't go to work today. I wonder if she's going the following week much. I think so. Otherwise she's just sitting in her room doing nothing. I think it's best if she went to work. Her path is different from her siblings. Each one of them is unique. I don't have to compare them to each other. Every one of them is unique.

I don't even have to insist that i know what's good for them. I don't have the complete picture bird's eye view anyway. I remember going to mcdonalds in cubao. I used to go there much and wife would come pick up. Things are different now.

How do you proceed from here? I'm not sure. Only keep to your light is what's evident for me. When i'm not in the light, then i take a break and reasses where i'm at here and now. If things don't line up, go check the source code.

This is my path every day. This is what i do. Writing helps to clear things up as the ideas are laid in front of me. I have been listening to essassani for a while. You don't have to fight anything. If it's there, use what's relevant and let go of everything else.

It's been downstream like this, path of least resistance. At times i am at limbo state. You know what that means anyway. You are so accelerated that everything seems to stand still--even time. There's so much here for you to use. Let it be so then. I don't even have to preach.

What happens next? See what's similar and different. Everything is here and now. If you are not awake, things drive by and you stick with old patterns. Take a moment to have a look. Compare and see the contrast. That's how you know.

Know what? Whatever it is that you need to know. You look at the moment and you will have your answers. What if you don't see it? Then you have unfinished business. You are still in the process. Let it be so. You get there when you get there. Can i write about this? You already are. Maybe i need to check this out.

What happens now? This cursor changes color depending on which mode i'm in. That's amazing. Now i don't have to go to gui much. This here works anyway. Let it be so. I don't have to log in anymore on that side. I am no longer a dev. Is it relevant? I haven't posted anything for a while. It's time to let go of it.

What do you do now? Write still. There's plenty to finish. Trust that it falls into place. I slouch. You can make a habit out of it, or do something else. It's all up to you anyway. Why dwell on the negative? Everything is meaning-less. You are here to put meaning into it. She is feedback. You use that feedback anyway.

Everything is here for you. You only need to see things as they are. I'm almost done here anyway. This thing works tremendously well. What else can we do about it? Use it for writing. You don't need scrivener. It's not going to jive in with your tools anyway.

What happens now? Finish these things. I have two batches of laundry to go through. Wife is about to go. I have time for later. I have a second eight hours ahead of me. That's a lot. I do research much. And i am supported in this way. What more can you ask for.

Why does he have much anxiety? Maybe he is reflecting off me. Now that you are aware of it, what can you are you going to do about it? Let go. When you see it there, know that it's an echo. You can choose to let go--or not. It's all the same anyway. When you let go, you raise your frequency. You don't have to fight it.

You fight it, you give it more awareness. It's not what you prefer anyway. Why did he do that? I think it's something in his source code. How do you change these things? Shine your light. You will know what needs to be there anyway. You are always connected in this way.

That movie was onto something but they had a deadline. They should have dug some more. It wasn't joy, but what joy was doing. Control. Then it's not the emotions, but a story about ego and the higher self. Maybe it's too esoteric for them at that time.

Let it be so.