it's behind you

i can write to that. What would you do in such a house? Write. Explore everyday. This is beside a beach as i see sand. It must be cold because they have plenty of firewood. What would be your cash flow there? The bot.

That sounds like a good path. How do you get there? Be in the moment. A bike would be good. Something with a trailer or one of those amsterdam cart bikes. I can use that. Should i use a car? Perhaps. Or not. I can do everything on bike. Electricity? Probably. Or a generator if need be but that is too much noise.

I would work on free energy. I can research that and go there. That is going to be interesting. When do you go there? I'll be in that frequency then find myself shifting into that. Man, i have some cool images on this machine. They alternate every five minutes. It puts me on the spot. All i do is match them frequency.

What if i don't write? That's fine. You then are a writer not writing. Why is that taking up cpu time? Maybe it's too big? The other one doesn't seem to do so. Does that mean i should use that? It looks like it. I may have to switch out of that then. No need to run that much as this one doesn't show in my conky.

I am observing it and it really is less of a load. I'll make changes then. This lady here is so cute. She is adorable. Who is loving her? I don't know. How did they come up with such a design? They have people doing that fulltime. Can you watch the series? It's all about a pretty girl. How did that happen there? I don't know. You can test it.

What's the story there? What if you two were in love? That's too heavy a word. What if there was deep connection there worth exploring? That sounds more positive. How will that be then? You can choose to go there much. Or not. Everything is possible anyway. You can go this way or that. The market is open. I can look up what's happening.

I slept late. I go to city tomorrow morning. I file for passports. Wife is going to go that way. I have bot running on tests. This is something i should have done sooner. But if i am not ready then i should have waited. This is the most perfect time in history. Let's get going and see where this is going.

Price seems to be consolidating atm. I can install hte thing in here just to watch the market. Or do something else altogether. I can talk to an investor about it. It's like breaking bad but trading and bot dev. That sounds like an interesting path. You can run several of these and make good off the path. Let's go deep dive into it and see how it goes.

Typically it's one way unless the market decides to go sideways. The trades pile up but you can do a lot of other things as well. Can i look into it? I think you can. Let's see how things go from there then. You have some good iterations. Find what's connected or not. I take a nap again at eleven.

This is my journey now. How does it serve you? I can go for a walk later this afternoon. This is what's happening here. Or i can go out for a run now and do yoga later. I can do that as well. I did not feel like running as there was no sun. Is it time for rains again? One daughter is working later after school. That's something i never had.

It's good that she is doing this and it'll add up for the future. I don't know where mine is going but i am open to synchronicity. There are expectations. When i am aware, i simply let go, or use that to look at my source code. I don't even have to get a job there. I am fully supported where i am.

The cat had its food and now went out again. There's that creaking noise and it's in my consciousness. It's all energy. Local mind can't grasp on it but i can explore given that i am aware of my connection to all that is. I am an eternal being. Anyway. I get scared but it's because i have definitions that say i am less. Am i really?

My local mind is limited to this scope but if you were to find a person, you won't feel that removed. This is explorations for you. I can do yoga after i finish these. The neighbors are there. I felt someone downstairs. It's quiet now. Maybe the wife stays at home?

The hockey game yesterday was interesting. These two are hot. I can explore the picture. Who are they. What are they doing there. That's a nice tan. Is it? Or is it photoshopped? Probably. Somewhat yes. Those are nice lingerie. What are they doing? Are they students? Do they work? Is that their work. Maybe they are models.

I think they are models. At some point you run ouot of ideas but you just keep on writing. What's for lunch? I can make eggs and burger. I have that vinegar in the waiting. I can add ketchup but there's no more. I used it for the baked mac which they didn't finish anayway. I'll make spaghetti instead. That way, i get to eat the meat sauce if they don't want it.

They have it once but never bother with the leftover. The two eldest eat the leftovers when they like it. If not, it's just me having them. I can make rice for tonight. I'll get mixed nuts later at the grocery. Can i get yogurt? It's out of my league that way but i can try the richer protein yogurt.

Or not. What happened last time? I finished it. I think it's low in carbs. That's what i do now. It feels better this way and this is day two. I eat far less this time. That's what it's about. Less volume and keto. This puts me in the loop. I need to change those as well. This terminal doesn't show up in cpu usage.

Is that good or bad? It's not doing much anyway. I can get used to this. Maybe it's the vim thing. How much does it use. Four percent. I don't think it shows there. I'm back and testing this. It's the same. It shows terminator and vim altogether. It's not worth it that way.

I'm going to stick with this one. At least i got to test them. How what gets out the other end? I don't know. At least it's here. I feel like mike dropped me out from his contacts list. Should i even ask why? I don't know. Maybe he wants to help me get back on my feet this way. What can i do about it? Talk to people about it.

Or do something else that's connected. But let go of expectations. It's behind you now. The energy has shifted. You can choose to respond differently. What is going to happen now? I guess we're not going to see each other anymore. Or not. I guess it's time to move on then.

I see. My part in that role is finished. Let's get moving. What's next? Explore the world. Get out there. You'll bring to you what's relevant. If it's connected, it's going to be there in abundance. You will have much of it as much as you need it to be there.

You can have all of that when you need it. You'll bring it to yourself. Guaranteed it is. Trust the timing. It's all good. Everything is here and now. You know hthat. You can setup dialogues this way. Just add quote marks here and there and it'll read like conversations.

Do a mind dump then edit later to make things work. Now is the time? It's always a good time to start. This is page one then. I can make changes later on. In the meantime, only do this. I can use that pc when i finish yoga. This way i don't have two running at the same time.

Do i have my stuff in there? I think so. Then you can do a lot more when you move over to that side. But i have terminator up and running now. I like it. Then use it much. You can make changes later if it's relevant. If not, get on with your day. This is why i use this laptop.

It's the cool images. There's someone downstairs. I saw two people so is the guy working from home? It looks like it. Am i a terrible person choosing this path? I can fail at something i don't like why not go do what you like instead. If it were my turn, there'd be no questions asked.

What would it be like then?