just make this

what you'll get here are dialgouse telling the story, moving the idea forward. This is timed writing so i don't have to note the number of lines that i write.

I get off at four thirty, she said.

What'd you say? She was mumbling again. I'd usually get upset but what's the point. She doesn't want to change it. I wonder what she gets out of it? I've already pointed it out to her. People are going to stop taking her seriously when she mumbles.

Sure you seem like a good person simply because you don't go after what you want. You are a passive aggressive. It's nice that way but in a long term relationship, this eats away at the foundations.

It was cold in bed this morning. I was under the blanket and still felt cold. She was pulling more of the blanket to her as i was doing the same thing. How do you write dialogues here. Plenty on my plate for today. Son needs to go to his sleepover then i go pick him up tomorrow.

Maybe the wife can do the pickup. Can you go pick him up tomorrow sometime around three? You don't have to but then i'll have to pick you up at one am when i've already been up since three in the morning.

Ok. I'll get him before i go to work.

Is this working? It's always difficult in the beginnnig. The dream felt aligned for me. It was a definiton i can use moving forward. It showed a situation growing up. I was looking at things from a negative point of view.

Now that i'm aware of it, i can make changes if i chose to. Do you want to? Of course. This is who i am. I can listen to music but or i don't have to do anything. I can change things up a bit later. I can write in dialgouse later or finish this one now.

Tomorrow there's going to be just one daughter and she keeps to her room. One kid is at sleepover, two are at work. What happens tomorrow. I may not have to make lunch but i'll make that chicken soup. I know how to make it that way. Let's do that? Not really. I can choose not to.

Thin this is timed writing. How far can you go when it's timed? I've never considered that but i used to do number of pages. I don't give a damn there. Just continue writing. It's me that get into trouble here anyway so i don't have to go that way.

What happens next? This is somewhat eleven minutes to go and i am halfway through. Is she going to reply here? I don't have to go there. It's a choice anyway. Or not. I don't have to buckle down at this. It's here anyway. Use up the energy and you'll see how it goes.

What goes on? I don't know. What's the point of all that anyway? I don't get it. It is what it is. You don't have to understand. Just know that if it's important for them then it is. The point of view is different.

I guess i don't have to use a timer. Just keep writing to that point. You have more than enough resource here to make tha t work. Is that a good movie? It's low on the list. I don't have to see that. At least netflix is still showing good stuff.

But are there good shows now? I can go check it out. This is just me talking. It's not a dialogue. What happens next? I'm not sure. What's the point of all that. I don't know. You can see what's happening here. That show is at season ten.

Time flies fast that way. She's not replying just yet. What can i do here? She can follow up. But she's not connected. How do you do things differently? I don't know. I don't have to go there myself. I am stuck in here in between these two rocks. I don't have to invalidate things.

Then continue writing. There are new neighbors downstairs. Who are they. What do they do. They left early on a saturday. Am i going far this way? Just finish. This is what i do now. I can choose that but i have enough resources in the ref. I can make an aligned choice.

What do we do in here? Keep writing. It doesn't have to be grand. Just make this work out. Where's the dialogue. I think the module from last night was good and most were info i didn't know. They don't have much in programming language.

It's more systems and networks. Then you know where to look. This is going to be shorter than usual. Finish up. Keep writing. Finish it anyway. That's what i do now. And what else is here? I don't know. But is this here.

Are you not supposed to do the vacuum as well. Isn't that part of your chore? You can do that while waiting. Or not. But it's part of the chores. You can go there if you have to. If she is waiting then we can finish that as well.

I don't have to go that way. I have a choice here. Does it matter? Why am i responding this way that i don't care? It's not about being or having a clean room but what you get out of it.

This is shorter so i guess i can keep to the fifty line mark. I had one minute left when i started this line. I turned off the timer though. I don't think i want the cognitive focus drain when the timer goes off.

This is done.