of the layers

wife's in bed. I'm not yet sleepy. I had a short quick nap after eight lasted about at least five minutes. Hat's good enough to last me til one am. What now? I write. I do 50 lines on this text editor.

And then what? I see good work. That means i too can have good work to my name. I already do so. The little chores that i do, i make good on them even if no one can tell how much attention i put into them. It doesn't matter what they think anyway. Is this part of your story then?

I feel i have a different past. I can start today and everything will reference and is created from this moment. This is what it's about anyway. Otherwise, what good is it to be in the light knowing you are chained to your past that's unchangeable. If everything is here and now, why is there a past you can't change?

How do you use it then? How do you recreate your past? I did not fail. I simply saw gave myself the situation showing how different my response is this time. It's not the same river. I am different. Even the clothes i wear is different. There are a billion things that are different about it. Why woild i think it's the same?

You see where it's the same? You see now what you can do about it? You don't have to meddle in their noise. It's not in your timeline anymore. I can go to bed after i finish these. I make a habit out of it. Tomorrow i do the laundry. I get up later and do my thing. I can have coffee decaf so i can sleep later at nine.

That's a good stretch right there. I can do morning pages then. What noise is that? It must be the wife's. But there's no light from there. I've been to both sides of the equation. Now i am exploring a different process. You see where it's different. Why would they want more? They can choose to live in abundance? Because they feed a bigger dragon.

How can you change things there? You don't, cannot ever. You can only change yourself. You don't have to anyway. It's all about you. I can watch something else here? Like what? I don't have to. I can go to bed after i finish these. If i don't feel sleepy then i do something else.

In the meantime, there's much to write about. I changed the font. Droid sans don't seem to work consistently well here. I tried a different font and see how it turns out. It's a sans serif font. I miss that. But it's not creative. I know. Let there be a vacuum there and you will see the connection.

These two kids are going to go see a movie tomorrow. They come home late then. That's fine. Even the wife comes home dinner time so what do i make tomorrow? How about a mechado thing? But there's no liver spread. What else can i do here? Surely there is one ingredient you can use.

I'll look in the cupboard tomorrow and see what my options are. I can do spaghetti. I can make pasta from scratch. That's part of the equation then. I'll go see how it goes. What else is there? I don't know. I see what happens later on. Tomorrow is thursday. I'll see what we can do here. In the meantime, i think there is sinigang. There is also tocino. Let's do that. She may have to get more rice.

I can start the mix tomorrow so it has enough time. We'll have them friday. Wife leaves early on saturday. I can finish these. I am almost halfway through. I don't think i can fall asleep then, so i continue writing. Is this a phase? I think so. Now i have theta. I listened to this and slept well.

Do i have to start over? Just keep going. By the time i finish this session i'll be good to go. This time, i am not in a hurry to finish writing. I have this to listen to. Do you even need it? Not really but it's a tool. It is a permission slip that i use can use. Is it cold? Can i remove this jacket?

That was a plane landing. I think the kid won't be here until three. This way, i get more nap time during the day. Let's get this up and running then. I can write tomorrow morning? I think so. I don't have to eat breakfast. I can have that later in the day.

Does that work? How are things so different this time? My response to it is different. No matter how you think it's the same, it's different. I remember that entrance from that side of the mall. Wife and i have fond memories there. It's where we spent a lot of time in. I can go back there.

I can visit some old friends. Do i have to be someplace else? Not really. But i have connections. We'll see how things go then. In the meantime, only do this. She is as concerned about the past than you are. But it's not going that way. The path is gone. The energy is different now. This is some good drawing. Can i draw that way? I think so, if i put my head heart to it.

Do i have to post these later? I'll be visiting some dead people? Nobody there. I would rather talk to the kids. Let's go there then. Who is going to be there? I don't think they can remember me that way. So be it then. What can i do about it? They're kids. See the blank page. No need to label. You get out of it what you put in.

Is there a story there? I think so. I can explore the possibilities there and see how it goes. I'd like that. Maybe that's why i'm going. Then so be it. But if the two aren't keen about it, then i'll put it off until the next year. And i can use the money to good use. I better check on that and see to install the app.

I'll do that tomorrow. It's a thursday then. I have much in the base. I have briskets in place. Let's make one, or two maybe. I'll see what we can do tomorrow. I miss them. I like the ribs. They're fatty and savory much. I'm going there. It's not here and now but i can choose to match that frequency.

How do you do that? You simply go match it. Is that something that i've listened to? I think so. This is delta. This is much lower frequency? I think so, for lack of a better term. This is what my brainwaves are matching? It's supposed to be that way. I stop often. It got warm that's why. I had to take off the jacket.

It's a thick jacket it goes on the outside of the layers. It gets me warmed up fast. I've kept it for a long time now. I wear it mostly indoors. I went out to walk earlier. I wanted to get out. Is it getting slow? It's winter. I have something in place. What's missing? My response.

Now that you are aware, you can make changes. Do i have to learn how to meditate? I don't have to. If daughter went back to three am, i can stay up to it. I'll maek coffee although the sugar will be up there and might affect the limit. You can make changes there. I know that.

Then let's get going in that direction. What else is not matching the frequency? I don't know. I got this from back there. You know where this is all going. You can listen but you can change things up a bit. I can lower the volume on this one while the other is amped up or set to normal.

I see. But i'm almost done anyway. I'll do something else later on. For now, only do this. Can you use this one and create your own channel? That will sound interesting. Do you even need it? I can do a write up for it. I am getting sleepy? How does it feel to be sleepy? You feel it in your body.

That image has been there all along. I can use that or something else. Then the path is before you. Choose this or that it don't matter. All paths lead up to the mountain anyway. How can you tell which one is right for you? You'll know. There be a lot of factors but you'll know when it's right.

I thought it was a green color but it's not. It's notifications for google. You don't have to go there. I can upload these now. I have time to assimilate this frequency. My awareness is starting to shift. Good. Use that awareness of the shift. Son goes back to school on monday.

How do you wish to proceed?