that sounds interesting

i forgot if i've already done my writing. I am listening to music as i write. Should i turn this off? There be good tracks to listen to. I can't remember if this is ok. I guess it's up to me.

I'll listen then. This laptop is charging. I didn't sleep until 5am earlier. I couldn't sleep until three and that's when i got up to do some writing. After driving daughter to work, i went to bed, still couldn't sleep until fifteen minutes or so. I got up at eight thirty to drive wife and daughter to bus stop.

This is my life now. I write much, do research and drive the kids around. Wife still dolds on to the same anxiety since we moved here. I don't why she doesn't get it that things will work out somewhat depending on your frequency? She's a devout catholic thinking that her god can create heaven and earth and not be able to support her.

That's why it didn't work for me. There be other things and it's all clear that religion will fail at some point. It's like communism. People gave up on it because there were better alternatives. How do you show them that? Just be the quiet alternative. When they are ready to make the shift, then they'll find you.

But when you start preaching, they'll see your premise is flawed. They're going to think it's another religion and they already have one that doesn't work. How do you put it out there? The idea i have is to write stories about it. There are things that might work, but this is downstream for me so i work with this.

I like listening to the nexus phone. The sounds are less trashy and more soundstaged. Is there a better soound app for this? I don't think i need one. I have good monitor headphones. This is good for me now. What are my other options here? Finish writing. This is doing a lot in the background and i'm fine with it. Finish writing.

There are times when it's not going to make sense where the ideas are going to come from. I take a nap five hours after eight and that is at one pm. Is that good enough? I can take a nap at noon or earlier. In the meantime, i write. What do you write about? I explore scenes and ideas. I see if there's enough scene to it and i go deep.

I do plenty lately and at least i am getting practice with this. It's going to get there when i put there here and now. How do you do that? You ask questions like these. Your mind then comes up with an answer relevant to what is there. It's always like this and might not make sense. I guess you just go ahead with it.

What's for break-fast? I can make burger and omelette. Wife expects me to make dinner. I can do roast pork. I'll boil it to make soft and cook the inside then fry the skin. Can i make it solid hard? The thing has to be high temp. Maybe do that in the oven? I think so. Will it dry the pork that way?

I hope not. Maybe i can look something up and see how it goes. Is this a good track? Most of the tracks i have are good. I weed out those that don't work anymore. It's always changing anyway. I make sure i enjoy my music anyway. Spotify don't show how many followers your playlist has.

I guess that's not relevant for me at this time. I slouch. Sitting up straight. You don't want to go there. You can make good habits or not. I'll do yoga later after the nap. Should i have coffee first? I am scaling out of that. I enjoyed that before but it's losing it's bite now.

Does it help? Probably not. I don't have to be awake and sharp writing. It's best when i go take a nap. It resets my head and i get insights when i wake up. I don't feel tired anyway. I guess the biphasic sleep pattern i do is working. Things will shift again soon as school starts.

Daughter went to glenfield to get her glasses. I think her pay hasn't come in to her account right now. We'll see how it goes. I go get up early. At times i don't go to bed. It's tough that way but that's how it goes. Things change when they change. This is what fourth density is about?

I guess so. It's here so it's relevant to what i'm doing. What else is there? I'm not sure. People can look into that and this guy isn't using his head. But that's him. You just finish writing. I think that's not relevant to the subject right now. There's meetup this saturday. Is it boring? Right now it sounds like it.

Should i go for the next one then? Maybe i can go to the meetup in the city. This way, i get to network with different writers. It's tomorrow? I think it's next week. Wife is at home on wednesdays and i feel not inclined to coming home at night on weekdays. I'll put it out there and decide on it later.

For now, finish writing. What happens next? I can do yoga? That sounds good. It is like my break and i've been here a while. Let's do yoga then. What else is on my plate for now? Do yoga, then write again, then take a nap. That sounds good. I didn't get to do yoga yesterday.

It's always me and the son at home. Then he goes to school. He keeps me company. I guess our fate is tied? He had a tough time when he was a toddler. He was always sick. Where did that come from? I'm not sure. I guess that's what the path process was for all of us.

And now it's behind us. It was tough looking back now. But we got something out of it. Wife decided to give nz a try. Others have gone abroad and now it's our turn and it turned out very well. Does it have to be that? What are other topics i can explore? Maybe i need to broaden up my options and see something else.

Why not make it about sports? I can go there. How do you go there? I think i see what you mean here. But does there have to be a competition? Probably. Or something else. Why not be a hitman in the story? That way, it don't have to be a negative but like chop wood carry water.

That sounds interesting. There be curve balls here and there. That sounds interesting. Maybe i can look into different genres as i write and explore ideas. That makes sense. Then you can expand on this and see how things go. Daughter ate one of the donuts. She got up hungry.

I've done my brisk walk already. Next up is yoga. I'll do that after this. Queen has good audiophile tracks on spotify. I have some of their tracks on my plalist. Why not get the others as well? I'll look into that and see. They have a few. Also tenacious d is a good band to listen to.

Where do they get their ideas for that? I don't know who writes for them. But it's the story then. It's why school of rock came into place. It was a movie and they did something on tv i think. But that's in the past. I see slivers of the mandela effect here and there. It's more localized but can't bring up one instance now.

I just have the feeilng that it's like that. Do i have to go to toilet? I get the idea but do i have to explore it? That don't add to my self-esteem. It's not clear that way. I see that. Now i know what to do. Just delay it and in the meantime, reward yourself with something else.

It's not even about a reward. Just do something point downstream. You are not tormented. You always have a choice here. Make it work this way and you will see. You need a deep fryer for stuff like that. Where do i get one? We don't. What are my other options?

How did they do it in master chef? They removed the skin then cooked it separately. That's one option. I can put it in the oven and brown them that way. Will it make it dry? Pork dries up easily. I'll see what we can do. You might need soup with it.

I'll look into it.