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from here on, q2 is read and write. I read bestsellers that interest me, then i write--either on the book i'm focused on, or morning pages. I'm done learning the fundamentals. I will know what i need to know when i need to know it.

Writing is to connect to flow. The other part of the equation is to read so i'll know how others are doing what i need. This is modelling. Then i can expand on what they are and see how it goes. Everything is connected anyway. Whatever path i'm in is where i needs to be.

What if the typical not hero person owns this car. How will he get one? By being a geek? What else? Maybe he's a hacker, a grey hat that got pissed off by the bully hackers that he hacked them himself to show what it's like to be on the other side.

Of course they won't know what hit them. This grey hat knows so much more because he has synchronicity working with him. He can move to any country or location that pleases him. They don't know what hit them.

How does he find them? He looks for traces. He gives in to their demand so he can find them. He goes ahead then and hijacks their earnings. He might even leave traces of evidence for the authorities to set up these crooks. Is he a bad guy? Of course not, in the typical sense.

He takes money off crooks, then channels them for better use. It's like a merc this way. There's so much to learn here. I'm done learning. I am now focused on read write. If i can't read my kindle, i can use spreeder and see what i need to learn. If not reading, i am writing. Even if it were morning pages i write.

It's been raining. If you were here, how would you go about it? Do i have to learn all that? I think it'll be a skill that comes in handy. I have time anyway, why not. I need to move that hard drive over here and make good use of it. Daughter is probably still sleeping. I can catch a nap when i get back.

I have shifted to fourth density. How do you know? I see the connection. Higher frequency seldom sleeps. They know what the sync in and uses it properly? That's not the right word there. But when you sit with the text editor, you can write down the ideas that come. You can always edit later.

Should i be on that side? No. You need not look into this. You can go this way or that. Then you can have the toys that are relevant to the details. But when you are not in that frequency, it's not going to work for you. Trust the synchronicity then. You will learn what you need when you need to learn them.

Should i create a torrent file for that? It's not necessary. I gave up the droplet as i'm not that person anymore. Things have shifted. I am now a writer. Do i have to go to that hackathon? I don't have to but it's time out i can use.

I hang out with people i know. I don't have to commit to all that. It keeps me acquanted with what's happening out there. Let's get going there then. I can leave this charging or try something out. Then when i get there i'll get more tools. These are disposable anyway.

You have it in you now. Trust the timing. No expectations. These two are what i am right now. There is no process. There is only here and now. Everything is perfecthere and now. There is contrast. You see the contrast and it tells you where you are. It's feedback. Then process is no longer there.

This is amazing. When you see the contrast, you see what's similar and what's different. You then fill in the balnks. It do't matter what is on the outside. It's your porojection anyway. How is this a story? You are when you say you are. When it's an echo, then you are without at this time. Live that way. Expand on this and you will have the experience.

Only the experience is real. This is an amazing shot. Who lives there? I don't know but i could be going there. You have no electricity there. You can charge the laptop with your car. Or something like that. You don't need internet with this job. You can go there to write for a month or two. You come back when you are done.

It is kinda warm. Daugter is going to get herself a pc. I wonder if she'll put it here? I think so. Somewhere around here. Maybe on the fireplace as that's where the space is. She can get a longer cable maybe. I'll be helping set that up. It's because your actions influenced that. You can let go anytime.

I have echo. I am no longer in that space. I'm not even that person anymore. I am differetn with an echo. It's a projection so i can change things up a bit. Then what am i going to write about? I don't know yet. I'll look up that author and see what books is relevant to my needs. I can finish a book in one week with a spreeder.

Lets do that then. I can take off contact lens. On those nights i can't sleep, get up and read a book. If still not there, then start writing. This is where i am now. This is what i do. I have what i need when i need it. Trust the synchronicity. I can always write about stuff when it's relevant. If not, move forward to the next slot.

There's a lot of topics that you can write about. Pick one and do it in a week. Do an outline, then fill in the blanks. You need protagonist, antagonist, love interest, sidekick. You can start from one side then do a hegel dystopia. You then move to the other side.

You see a path going into theshadows, follow that. It leads to something iteresting. You don't have to know how it ends. Just follow the path. The breadcrumbs you put there yourself. Trust the timing. You don't have to go there. You have all these.

You can go there this time and see what happens i see that. Do you have to see this part of the equation? I think i see how he was able to train. You have this cheap gym and people go there to train. Someone sees the talest. It's raw but you see the gem unpolished.

You then put them on a stable and prove themselves. You have a story there. Write it out. He has things going for him. What's the twist? I'm not sure yet. Usually, the others in the path are hungry as much. Or maybe it's not about pacs. It's about the greys. It's his natural curiosity and easy to learn sponge brain that gets him ot the other side.

He can work with any leads. He'll find context when needed. It's out there anyway. When you can't see it, just dig it up a bit and you'll see where it's going. What is that? I felt a shift there. I know. Close the eyes and tune in to self. How do you feel?

Light headed. Daughter is coming up soon. I'll have an hour to write the outline. Let's get going then. You start in a third world country then work your way outward. How do you find them? You satrt with the blockchain. You use it to advantage knowing how everything is connected.

You then build an ai to get that to work. Is he up and awake now? That's weird. He hasn't slept yet? I think so. I'll go do that when i finish. If not, get going to the other side. I don't go firefox as i'm used to chrome now. Stick with that and see how to maximize using that.

I am going to stick with this then. There's so much here going for me. Do i even have to go there? It's the headlines. Maybe that might trigger something that leads to the library. That is going to be a trail for generations to come. Is that even going to be there?

I don't know.