happened to that

i am feeling a bit negative. Does this have something to do with the little sleep i had last night? It could be. But i can choose my thoughts. I am upset that it takes this long to open an account with them. Why is that?

Maybe they are one of the big boys and don't really need more new customers. How do you propagate expand on that platform. I don't think you have ot figure that one out now. Just start trading. The rest will come to you when you get there.

If i don't hear from them at noon, then i go with the status quo. I'll build up from there. It don't really matter that much. I can setup the account that way. It takes months but i can get started work on this immediately. I can go to the bank to get that sorted then work my way back from there.

Is this path of least resistance? It feels like it. Then let'sget going with this. What are my other options? Just get to the other side and see how it goes. Am i going to get something differently? I don't know. Just be open to the moment and see how it goes. I can skip yoga today and go for a run when i finish.

Then i can go take a nap sooner? I think so. Or forgo that and have breakfast and then take a nap. But that's not me anymore. I am this instead. This is clarity. This is alignment. You don't have to go there. I do the shorter sequence today. Is this good? Why did you not go there? It is pointing me upstream.

I'm not sure what to write. Then write about anything. Ican move to that table. Maybe she won't use that much and i can go there full time now. That one table is higher. Is she still going to use this? She holds on to negative energies more longer. Why is that? She don't know how that affects her energy.

I can only set an example. I don't have to teach her as she won't see it anyway. She is in the dark. I can shine my light or keep to my light. When she's ready then she'll find me there and waiting. But if not, so be it. This is her process. This is my process. Not that i don't care but i am not going to make an effect when i go too in the cave.

So it's best to sit here? She has a choice. I won't go in there chasing her around in the dark when she is not ready to come out. But i am putting more energy to this. At least there is some semblance there. Or is it the other way around? Maybe i am the one in the dark? It is a valid point.

How do you know it's not relevant for you? Path of least resistance. It doesn't feel good or positive or at least zero point to do what she wants have me do. I would rather do what i do now. I know what i am doing nad i am excitied about it. I don't have to preach. I only choose to be in zero point. Then i can run later.

I finish these then i do yoga. I get back and no word from them then i'll stick with the status quo. I don't have to preach. I don't have to get rom them. But it's almost there anyway. I see that. How much longer can we make this go? I don't know. But we'll see what happens. It takes twenty four hours to get something done here?

Don't they have enough people working there? It's sad that way isn't it. Anyways, i can get going with my day here. I don't know if i should be trading this way but it did work in the past. Let's get this going in here and see how it goes. Sometimes you need a long break to transform the energy.

Or it's a simple opportunity to choose what you prefer. Then i can continue with this. Do i have to apply for that job? Soon as i'm set up then i can consider that option. For now, i think this be good enough. I have other options but it's all here and now. Maybe you can set yourself up with institutions but that's not here right now.

What do i do now? Put yourself in the light. Act on what gets you interested excited. Picqued. Energized. You know the drill. I don't have to be moping like hers. I can get this up and running and see how it goes. I think it's time to get something going and see how it goes.

What happens next. I can go to the bank tomorrow soon as i have this setup. Then i can create other things that needs attention. For now, this is what's relevant for me. How'd he get there. I don't know. At least he's feeling better. At that age, it's ok to let go. But maybe it is part of his process. Maybe he has to find an answer to it.

We'll see how it goes. This is where i am and it's alright to be here. I can do much other things. I don't know what else to write about. I have been put on hold. Is this how it's going to be then? So be it. Let's get going with this other one and see how it goes. It's ok. I can move on with this. What else is there?

It is a company account. You need to get things going there and see how it goes. You have enough pictures there to add to blog. Do you have to add other things as well? I don't know. But if it's here then go here. Or not. You have one coming up next weekend. The coming week is going to get busy. I'll see what we can do in here.

What's in store for us then? I am not sure yet. But it's back to this energy and it's a whole new different level. It's connected in the process this way. That's a nice floor. I like wood floors. Specially when it's old and patina'd. How do you get one? Find a house with that energy. The cat was here. He had chicken.

He likes chicken. He knows when we have chicken. He gets in there and rowdy as well. That's how he thinks is relevant. I'm ok i just got out of frequency there and it's all valid anyway. I do yoga later. I finish these and see where it's going. This is part of the process for me. I think it's going to go up?

It looks like it for now. There is demand for now. I guess that's where it is. But you can do both sides. This is what's good for you here. You can do this or that. Is that frowned uponp. I don't know what it's about but the ea is in place and they didn't say anything in that regard. Just do this and see how it goes.

Others are able to withdraw their money is six figures even. That tells me people make money in this game. That tells me i can make good as well. I wonder how those people are now. Some are trading still. Others are doing completely different vocations. That's their path. This is my process. I've been doing this a long time now.

What do you make out of it? I don't know. What happened to that? They picked peoople who are posers? Not really. It was no longer relevant there. Then set it up and get going right away. When are they going to make things work? You don't have to go there but this is where i am now. I wonder what else they need to set something up.

Should i apply for a different account? I can go for that. Maybe that will hasten things up. Or not. We'll see how it goes. I can assign a signatory. Maybe that too will work. We'll see what happens. I only need to finish these and get on with my day. I don't ahve to go there anymore. Everything is here and now. Get going with this and see how it goes. What else?

Finish writing. This is what's next for me. Then post, then i do yoga. I miss that ride from cubao. I used ot enjoy going there. What happened? The energy is different now. I can visit that. But it's not me anymore. What can i do different here? Match that frequency. It's all you anyway.

I have something in the wash. I do that after lunch after the nap when son is coming home. I have a batch in there already. Then i can add more when the time comes. I have more than enough already. I am at peace. How did that happen? It just fell into place. I can setup more if needed but this is more for now. I have enough.

Then play with the energy. See where this is going. I did not write yesterday. It's alright. I can stop writing at any time. This is still connected. It's all connected. Even when there is nothing it seems it's still conneced. I write this all thi time even nothing. Then i finish and not make sense.

I'm fine.

you learned that

path of least resistance is to sit back and let synchronicity happen. When you are in the light, you can see reflection better. Why not go there. Why not? Maybe it's because someone is saying that you don't have it.

But is it true? Is that a fact, or is it just another voice in the wilderness? So much has been lost in translation--why'd they do that? It's because you put your power out tere. Soon as you are aware of it, you can let go.

If this gets called, i can get another one to make it work. I can pay back in a month and it's good to go. By one year, this business is going to be totally independent. Why should it not work? Control? They can't let go of synchronicity? Perhaps. Maybe he fixed it so he shows one thing but is doing another.

I think it's all about hedging. He is also doing martingales that way. I can go my way and take it easy from there just enjoy the ride. How is this connected and why do i have that? I am calling that dude later. I'll do so after yoga so they'd probably be awake by then. Or not. Let's see how it goes.

What else is there? If we move and cat isn't allowed what happens then? We'll see what comes out of it. If not, let's do something else. When is this kid moving out? I don't know. It is a much farther walk up the hill but that's how it is. I can still walk to my field to run and there'll be enough warmup walk.

Coming back won't be easy--rather it's going to be an uphill climb, literally. But that's part of the workout. Let's see how it goes then. Whata time can you call them. I'll give it a shot after this one given that they are still sleeping in. Otherwise after nine is a good time to cal. They'd probably schedule something in the afternoon to have everyone schedule something.

Or not. It's all in there. I can make somehing out of it. You have that already. Put it in your history. Put it in your imagination and awareness and see how it feels. That's how you connect to it. Am i making something there to happen? What if i can make this work? What happens then? How will that feel like?

It's going to feel incredibly good. You do so ten times so that's like ten months? I'd still be putting in plenty of stuff into the fray. It's part of the process so let it be in there and see how it goes. Or you can put the whole account in and see what happens. I can do that. Let's go that way and see how it goes.

What are your expectations there? I have much in place. I don't have to go there but if i had to, i know how to figure things out. It don't have to be that way they do it. I can do my own algorithm. Let's make that work then. This is where we are now. I don't have to see where that leads to.

The midday nap is awesome yesterday. It was about two hours, one hour at the least. How did you get there? I can't remember. It's just so quiet and i was tired from training. Then that's what we do. I'll arrange this but that is expectation. You don't have to go there now. Just run outside and see what you get out of it.

Do yoga, rest up an hour then go for the run. It's all here now. I don't get why they have to preach but that is one energy i can do without. Just write and get to the oher side. You have that in two weeks. I can make it work. What are my options now? This kid is getting ready to leave for school.

Is there something here for me? I can do so but at what frequency. If you do so out of negative emotions, then you are not in the light. You do not prefer it that way. You can explore that. You don't have to invalidate that though. It's still your energy. But if you want to go north, why go south? It's not that way anymore.

You see where iths is headed. What's for lunch? I can make burger and egg. There's no sausage. The chicken last night was good. Where to get pasta? I can make some. Should i? Maybe wife can buy some for later. I can do that. I think we can go there. I have the spaghetti sauce. We can put tomatoes into it.

Maybe there be spices i can put into the sauce--herbs perhaps. I don't have to go there. I can't find me beanie. Where was the last seen place? That couch. Or the bag. It's not in the bag. Move things around and see what you get out of it. Then you can explore that much. You only need a good run with it and then you can take things easy.

Why did i go around? You had to pick up stuff. That's alright. You'll know what to do then. You can create a basic one, then add features to it over time. I see that. Simply put in orders in place. Then you can add to it and see how it tests out. You know what to do there. You can create something out of that and see how it goes.

I can do that. Once you have it in place you can do a lot more. It's testing back up but because selling pressure is easing off. New york is about to close and it's in limbo until tokyo opens. Then we'll see how it goes. That was a good call there. How do you make that better?

See how the good trades went and replicate that. At least take notes. Why would they go there? I don't know. It's just part of that. The are gung ho into it for the social. But when you see it there, then it's an illusion. You don't want that talking in your head.

I had it in me all this time. How do you get to that energy. Keep to this path and you'll see. It's not the toys, it's how you use what you've got. This is your process. It's unique otherwise you would be something else. And it's why yours is unique. Everyone is unique. Even if it looks the same in every way, the perspective is still unique.

The library has been closed for days now. I sleep better now. There was a shift in perspective. You learned tat because you had to go through that. Then you got something out of it and used up the energy. Now you know what to do here. What happens next? You can test that out, or not. In the meantime, just be at zero.

It's where it's at. You know how to connect with it. You don't have to go there anymore. You have used it up anyway. You go there to meet people? You do so from here. I don't think i can do tonight. There might be people therre but you know what to do here. Let's see who'll be home later.

I can if i wanted to. I'll see how it goes. I can make dinner early. Or not. Let's see how things turn out later. I am running anyway. I have a full cup this morning. So be it. I do yoga when i finish up here. Htis is part of my process. I don't have to write anymore to impress. I write becaues it gets me connected. Or i don't have to anymore

but write because you have something to say. Write because it's who you are. You don't have to force things out. If it's there, then the words flow through. If not, take it easy and do what interests you. This is what we do. Or not. It's ok then? I am taken care of. But i am choosing what i prefer.

This path is what i prefer. Not to fight or push things about. It was close and if only one point was off then it would have been different. I don't know. We shall see. Was it arranged? I think she made enough good to make it work. Then it was a tight race. They have grown much in the process. I can do that.


put it out

i've cleared out our garbage. This is what we do here on. I guess it's going to be ok. You cross the bridge when you get there.

Now what? I'm doing the marathon in 2018. I think it's a signal. It's part of my process. I'm not sure if i can run today but i'll get out there. I do cardio in the mornings. I do them four times a week. Will i reach the finish line?

With my frequency now, i can't. I'm looking for modelling to get me there. My wallpaper now is the marathon finish line. That's where we are going. If i have to walk the rest of the way then i'm going there and will finish it. Is it exciting? It is interesting. It's a transformation for me. I undo all these things in a decade in just one year.

Do i have coffee now? Maybe after my nap. I'll have something else later on. What does thi cat want? I'll have to vacuum again later. I slouch. Is it interesting there. I get something. Now what? I talk with my kids. That series looks fun. It's about family. I have one so it interests me. We have a cat.

This kid goes to westlake. I have a business in place. Start today? I already did. Every morning you line up to it. I fixed the insomnia issue. Don't move. You can after several minutes maybe but it's best not to. You can do meditation that way. I think the wife thought i was already asleep.

It does make sense that way. I cleared the rubbish. I cleaned up our spot. My coriander looks rubust. I can add to it tomorrow. I'll get spring onions this time. Where to plant it? Milk plastic containers. How do you grow them? I don't know yet. I tried one before but this time i'll leave them outside.

I think it works for the coriander. This way we get fresh herbs. What other herbs do i need here? I don't know yet. At least it's fresh and the neighbors can get some if they need them. It's about working together. They did not bother to clean up. That's what jobbers do anyway. I got this.

I was shown in my early days what it's like. We are headed in that direction now. It's going to be difficult but we are going to do that. Break it down to two workouts per day. The other one is later in the day? It's possible. You get your body used to working out that way. I see what you mean.

Get into healing. You take a nap. You rest the body that way. I will add one turn every week? Or maybe one kilometer every month. That sounds reasonable. One kilometer in the field is two rounds or so. I can do that. Do you need entertainment? Not really. I can make this work.

I have everything in place now. I was headed in that direction but i got injured. This time i know better. I won't even wear shoes until it's close enough. We'll see what happens. I will also document my progress here. I'm on this path now. The kids are getting ready for school.

It's a new day. I shifted. It's great this way. Now let's get cracking with this and see where it's headed. Why not get one there? You can if you are keen about it but it's not me anymore. Let's do this then. You can find something to do in there. Or not. It's up to you.

But you know where it's all at. You simply get this going with you. It's the environment. You are going to be a regular in that situation. You don't even have to be otherwise. It's all inside of you. Finish. This is the mantra? It's the state of being. How does it feel like to finish? It's a sigh of relief. It's powerful.

How do you know. There is the second rubbish collector. They come early. I try it for another week. If i get the same results then i'm back with orange. There's hockey game this afternoon. Kids are playing for finals? It's the semi-finals. They have a good strong team this time.

I wasn't interested at first. I made a bet with the kid and he's playing keen since. I may have to borrow from the kids later. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, i have something good in place. I slept for about four hours. I feel refreshed when i woke up. I put on contacts to get ready for that truck.

I finished everything. Is wife leaving earlier than usual? Probably. She's not up this early before. Am i going this thursday? I'm not sure. Maybe i will. I was looking for tuesday but this is what we got so i guess it's not relevant at this time. So be it. Use up the energy get to the other side. How do you get them to work? You can use a clear wrap.

Let's get one of them sandwich bags. I sure will. You get a safety deposit box some place. That way, you can go there when needed. I used to have one. Now you know how it feels like. You used to do good work there. You get how it feels. It's yours now. Let's expand on this and see where it goes.

Do you even need it? I'm not sure. But to see what's here. Let's get cracking with this. I do the laundry. The downstairs are quiet. It's a weekday. They're out weekdays. At least things are moving forward this way. The downstairs used to have a lot of those. More so when their parents came for a visit.

I wonder how their kids are these days. That documentary last nigth was sad. At least they showed cause. Can i go there. I can. It's home for me before. I can hop over there and get something going. The internet is going to improve eventually. If not, i can get someithng working that's open source. How do you do that? You pool them together.

What hppens now? Getting ready for the afternoon. I can do yoga befor that. I get up at two then. I'll take a nap sooner than expected usual? I guess so. This kid had a good nap? I think so too. At least i put it out there. Now what happens? This kid leaves at nine or ten. I'd be out by then. I usually go run at ten.

Then it is ten. The market won't open until one for tokyo session. You don't have to chat with them. It's outside of yours. I think those are legacy code. You can go there but it's not relevant. Unless you say so. It's all part of your process anyway. What happens next?

I don't know. She seems to enjoy it in her head. What happened there? I'm not sure. Maybe it did happen? Probably. But so what? It's in the past. You live here and now. It's what matters most. How do you respond to it. You decide. And then you post this to get to the other side. Then feed them birds later. What's for lunch?

I have sardines. There's hotdogs and burgers. You know what to do. It's a photo-finish thing. I slouch. Then i can change that. It's when you are not aware that you get these feelings. That wakes you up. You decide from there. What now? I was a fool. But that's behind me now. I can choose how to redefine it.

It's why it's there. What can you do about it? I'm not sure. I see what you mean here. You have changed a lot since. Let it go. You are different now. What happens next? I'm not sure. Be in the light. That's path of least resistance. This is downstream for me. I do that then.

Every moment this is what i do. I point downstream. It's an easy choice. It lines up with my creation. This is easy and it works. How can you tell? I am supported. I have abundance. I have choice. I have unlimited opportunities. This is what you are. Awake.

Aware of who i am. I can am moving forward with this. What do you do today? Have fun. I have ea-dev for today. It's what i finish. I have set pages in place. I can do them tutorials. Let's get cracking with this and see where it's going. I have a tutorial? It's in the folders.

Then let's do this thing.

is that relevant

i haven't had any sleep yet, i think. I just lay there in bed rummaging through my imagination. And i've just decided i'm not going to that jobs workshop. It's not in alignment. I have three channels now. What can i do with this?

It's interesting for me so i go this way. No expectations. I don't have to blame someone else for my lifestyle. This is who i am. Where is this place? It looks amazing. I can spend a year there riding my bike, running my business and simply enjoying life.

My path is different, i accept this. I can change things but that's also part of the process. So i allow this to be here and use up the energy. How do you go from here? Finish. If it interested you enough, you ought to finish it see it through. Unless it's so terrible that you ought to stop. That is your choice--but finishing is still a good idea.

What happens now? I wash the clothes. I take a nap. There be fleas again. It's that time of the month? I think so. It feels cyclical. What else can i do about it? Wife did not buy bread and rice. What now? Maybe later? I think so. What do i have for later? This kid just made breakfast. That's how it is when wife is not around.

I let them make their own food, i supervise of course making sure they are safe. This way they become independent that way and can look after themselves. When i put myself here i ma able to sit this through and finish. It is easier this way. I can listen to flow and just write it down.

I changed some settings on my chart. I am posting to a blog again. I think it's interesting enough that people look at it. I can make it more engaging, make it stick for them so they hang around more. I make a video as well to go with these so the content is all around. You can read or you can see the video. But you want them to be relevant.

It's not repeating content just to score seo points. It's how you lose eyeballs. They want good stuff so you give them your best. What happens today? I sit here and do things my way. I make the chores. What happens later? I don't have to go there. Just be in the light. You are not going that way anyway.

I guess i have other things i can do here. Am i going to the wed thing? Maybe. It's more in alignment anyway. I then do the sept 1 event for the weekend. How is this going to turn out? My local self keeps asking. I don't know. All i see is that even if you do things yo udon't like, you can still not excel.

You are more likely to fail in that because your heart's not into it. The cat sleeps in my spot. Why'd he go there. Where can i sleep? I go in the room. Or maybe try something else. Maybe because i took his chair. I wonder if these kids have work. I have much in my plate? I think so. They are not going to wait around.

I get that. I then act on my own interests and see where this opens up to. You need to put them in their own container. The son can get his pics later or not. I don't think he will. What else is there? If you compare to others then you will sometimes come up short. Why is youtube showing those videos?

Are they paid ad or are they really trending? I don't know. I don't think it's relevant for me. I would rather do this thing and see where it goes. Print one video a week. Update on what's happening. Create a tutorial. You can do so in linux version of everything. It's not that hard anyway. You can be that specialist.

What else can i do about it? Just write. You have much to finish so close your eyes and just write. Do you want to do it that way? I don't have to. I have much in here. What's in store for today? They have hotdogs. You can make them too. That sounds interesting. It's a saturday. The kids leave with their mom on christmas.

I stay home with the other two. I wonder how that would be. What would we do? Stay at home? We can do much. I have this thing to run. I can create content while doing that. I can work on that book. You simply decide to start and finishing will come naturally. It's yours now. It's not some foreign thing. I can hang the colthes later.

This wrist lies heavy on the pad. How do you lighten it up? Put it higher. Reposition your sitting so you can get the weight off that. I write and edit? Sometimes. Other times i can choose not to. Go to city? For what? There's nothing there to do much but walk around. I'd rather do something else that's more interesting.

That is a good view. Aha. There's another one. How do you have that? What's it like to have that easy access? I don't know. It is different. You can play with that energy for now and see what you get out of it. It's similar isn't it. It's only the perspective that's different. How do you make it yours? You've been there before. You have done that as well.

What's different is the echo. I get what you mean. What does that mean? I keep looking to line number. That means i am not in zone? So be it. I enrolled son to high school. That even if we died tomorrow, the kids are going to be alright. They have everything set up. They don't have to go to australia.

If it's relevant then go. In the meantime, this is what we do. What are my other options here? I can go then we can do something else. I can get information on that online anyway. Then do so yourslef. I may have to go to toilet again. Are the neighbors not going out? I think so. The downstairs thing was fixed yesterday.

What happens now? I am not hungry. My eyes feel tired? It's different. But i am not that tired. I can go around. My head is shifting i guess. How to use this energy? Take a quick nap if you have to. Do the vacuum thing. Of course i can do that. I think. I can move into that and see what comes out of it.

Or not. You can vacuum it to clean that out. Then you can take a nap then. My wrists are hurting from that? Do something else. Is that carpal syndrome? Perhaps. Or not. It's positioning or something like that. I am getting sleepy? I think so. But finishing is my habit now. I start so i finish. Let's finish even if i am not writing anything new.

I remember that p.guevarra gas station and the shop in front. We used to go there a lot. I know how to connect with people. Let it go there and see how it goes. What are my other options here? It's social media. Let it go there and see how it goes. You do things and it helps. It extends. You get the message.

I'll write and finish up soon. Is that relevant? I think so. What do you make of this market? I'm not sure but it's still bearish. It went sideways really. I don't think gbp is any stronger now. Maybe it's what they want you to think. Then it's a setup. That's a different spelling. I can take that.

What's in store for today? Do the things you ought to do then get on with your day. You can sleep throughout the day now. It's your thing. I can hang the clothes later. Or not. Just be in this situation and see how it goes. Just finish this one thing and get on. I need to vacuum that place as i need to sleep there.

I'll do so now. The cat can go but he's terrified doesn't like the sound of it. So be it. I need my sleep. He took my spot yesterday and it affected my sleep. Did it? Maybe here's something here for me. I guess so. I can define it that way if need to. Just write. You are almost done here. Post later.

For now, only wirte about these things. I am sleepy? There's another word for it. I'm not going later. I sleep through the day. This is me right now. I choose for myself. I don't have to be for anyone else. It's spring already. I go out for a walk later. It's part of the habit. I can run tomorrow.

Or not. It's up to you. Right now it's time for the nap. I can change things later on. Now that view is nice. How come i don't go there anymore? Why don't you. It's your choice anyway. I can do that. How to get started. You limit yourself there. Why not plan something for christmas?

Do something different.