go farther though

bong's in the hospital, got himself a heart surgery. That must've hurt considering people there do not have health insurance. But why am i feeling negative about this? Is it about getting back at him? I see the source code but this gave me opportunity a long time ago to make changes.

I guess it's all echo now. I wish him the best. He lasted longer than his father did. He has kids of his own now. If i was there, i'd bike visit him and hang out with old friends. I have a good bot running and it's what i do now. This and adding to machine learning.

I don't have to learn stats deep. I only need the fundamentals to gain context then deep dive into programming. You can always get formulas and concepts online when you need them. Why is this font white? I think this is what you get with jellybeans the colorscheme.

It looks ok for now. I am going back to that. I have wife doing that work. But if company is fair employer then you can still go for work anytime. I see that now. Let's get cracking at this and see how far it'll go. At least i have this in the background. How much farther will you take this?

They have no minimum balance. That's where the industry is going? That and cryptocurrencies. It's interesting where it's all headed now. Can you do hedge trades in that field? I think so. There was a broker that offered trading in that caterogry. I'll look it up later.

For now, morning pages, then i'll do yoga. It's a friday. That means i sleep late today. I was able to sleep earlier than usual last night. It's good that way. It was a long sleep. I sleep less now? The question is still there but the response is different. I match frequency. That's my job now. I forgot the name of that thread. I'll look it up later. It's there.

Maybe it's not relevant now. Still this is something to look forward to. I can make changes to that source code and see how i can make that work. You don't have to but the price orders are good in case the market decides to run away. There was a big sell off last night. What caused it?

It was cable going down on the london post open. Is there more? Price is now at moving average. Is that support or is it going to break? It could break. Whoever was buying had to stop and they want price back at that level. It is supported though. We could see a bounce soon.

How do you trade that? You don't. Or you can but this is how things are right now. Trust the timing. You get there when you get there. For now, be in the light. I don't know, the local self said, how it's going to happen. But if you talk to enough people, you will find what you need. Your frequency is going to fill in all the details anyway.

What else can you do in the meantime? Have fun with it. You don't have to look for work. You finish what's here then get on with your day. What was i doing last night? I forgot. I have a program in place though. It works and i'll stick with it. What comes next? Post this then i do yoga. There's tocino in the works. We can have that for lunch the three of us.

Two didn't go to school. One was sick and the other is tired from work. It's fine. I have company throughout the day. I have much in my plate this time. I turn off the router tonight when i go to bed. Wife comes home late today. This is just echo. Trust the timing. It works and shakani guarantees it.

How do you know? Trust it. It seems to work for me. I am supported. It's just the ego wanting expectations met. But if you took a bird's eye view of my situation, i am supported in every way. Then i can live with this. I don't have to go there as i have my situation covered. It's all a reflection now.

How do you share this? You keep to the light. Those in the dark will see you when they turn in the direction of your frequency. When you start preaching you go out of your light. Your signal is weak and you too are not in the light. Stay there. Let them find you. Be an example. That's the best you can do for now.

Is that selfish? If you say so. I don't have to argue with that. But there are other perspectives as well. I see that as me doing my best for others. This is good and i'd do more if i had to. But i don't have to prove anything to anyone anyway. It's just my perspective. Why is that here?

You brought it up. You can do much with today. Trading stops tonight. I turn off the bot and give the machine a break. It was a good week. Trust this and the details will fill in by themselves. This is the main thing for me then. What else is there for me?

I think the passports arrive in two weeks and i'd have to go get them. I don't have to find out how to get there. You shift in frequency and you get to that frequency. That's how things work now. You don't have to take steps to get there. Trust the timing. You can still see echo but the response to it is different.

It's always different. How is this story going to end? There was a movie about a man wanting to tight rope the twin towers. The rest of the movie was about getting there. Talk about simple stories. You can make one yourself. Don't compare. So how does yours go.

Man has spent his life fishing. Now he has a boat and is automated. And it can harvest good. It doesn't have fuel though. How does he get fuel? He talks to people. The fuel comes to him by synchronicity. How? I don't know yet. You get there when you get there.

Then i stay in frequency then. This is my path now. I don't know how things are going to turn out. Maybe it's learn ml mode. Then go deep dive into that. You have everything in place man. Trust the process. You are deep into this already. You are in act 2 and you have shift in perspective.

Aha. Story structure still. I walk later from smales. I can go farther though. I'll look into that. I think you can go there then come in through that. It's a good longer walk and you can add that to your signal. What else is there? I don't know. You can tune in to your podcasts that way.

I see. Am i in a hurry here? No. My typing is catching up with the train of thought. You write at that speed? Almost. It's catching up with that. The next one is in september or october. That's the last for the year. I think the group is kinda inefficient that way. They don't have enough to keep up with it.

Maybe they can move segue into something more easier for them. I think so too. They did not get enough volunteers in that front. Is this going to continue? I think so. There be others who need that help. Let's look more into that then. I offered help but i guess they don't need it much.

What are my other options here? Just be in the light. You'll know what to do when you get there. For here be in the present. You know all this already. I can make beef fried something. They make tocino for later. It's just the three of us for today. So be it.

It's interesting this way. The kids are grown up now. I have my life back? I think so. I am running my business this way. Then so be it. There's not much in there anyway. Soon as i get a reminder i go into it. I think. Last time i checked there wasn't anything there anyway. The cash flow has shifted. The frequency is different. See how it's relevant for you.

It's all connected. You simply match the frequency and it's all yours. It's not some catch and mouse like religion. This time you don't even need faith. You simply know how things work and use that knowledge. It's simple and it works. It's why i am here. No need to change others. They get what they need from there anyway.

So be it.