is that relevant

i haven't had any sleep yet, i think. I just lay there in bed rummaging through my imagination. And i've just decided i'm not going to that jobs workshop. It's not in alignment. I have three channels now. What can i do with this?

It's interesting for me so i go this way. No expectations. I don't have to blame someone else for my lifestyle. This is who i am. Where is this place? It looks amazing. I can spend a year there riding my bike, running my business and simply enjoying life.

My path is different, i accept this. I can change things but that's also part of the process. So i allow this to be here and use up the energy. How do you go from here? Finish. If it interested you enough, you ought to finish it see it through. Unless it's so terrible that you ought to stop. That is your choice--but finishing is still a good idea.

What happens now? I wash the clothes. I take a nap. There be fleas again. It's that time of the month? I think so. It feels cyclical. What else can i do about it? Wife did not buy bread and rice. What now? Maybe later? I think so. What do i have for later? This kid just made breakfast. That's how it is when wife is not around.

I let them make their own food, i supervise of course making sure they are safe. This way they become independent that way and can look after themselves. When i put myself here i ma able to sit this through and finish. It is easier this way. I can listen to flow and just write it down.

I changed some settings on my chart. I am posting to a blog again. I think it's interesting enough that people look at it. I can make it more engaging, make it stick for them so they hang around more. I make a video as well to go with these so the content is all around. You can read or you can see the video. But you want them to be relevant.

It's not repeating content just to score seo points. It's how you lose eyeballs. They want good stuff so you give them your best. What happens today? I sit here and do things my way. I make the chores. What happens later? I don't have to go there. Just be in the light. You are not going that way anyway.

I guess i have other things i can do here. Am i going to the wed thing? Maybe. It's more in alignment anyway. I then do the sept 1 event for the weekend. How is this going to turn out? My local self keeps asking. I don't know. All i see is that even if you do things yo udon't like, you can still not excel.

You are more likely to fail in that because your heart's not into it. The cat sleeps in my spot. Why'd he go there. Where can i sleep? I go in the room. Or maybe try something else. Maybe because i took his chair. I wonder if these kids have work. I have much in my plate? I think so. They are not going to wait around.

I get that. I then act on my own interests and see where this opens up to. You need to put them in their own container. The son can get his pics later or not. I don't think he will. What else is there? If you compare to others then you will sometimes come up short. Why is youtube showing those videos?

Are they paid ad or are they really trending? I don't know. I don't think it's relevant for me. I would rather do this thing and see where it goes. Print one video a week. Update on what's happening. Create a tutorial. You can do so in linux version of everything. It's not that hard anyway. You can be that specialist.

What else can i do about it? Just write. You have much to finish so close your eyes and just write. Do you want to do it that way? I don't have to. I have much in here. What's in store for today? They have hotdogs. You can make them too. That sounds interesting. It's a saturday. The kids leave with their mom on christmas.

I stay home with the other two. I wonder how that would be. What would we do? Stay at home? We can do much. I have this thing to run. I can create content while doing that. I can work on that book. You simply decide to start and finishing will come naturally. It's yours now. It's not some foreign thing. I can hang the colthes later.

This wrist lies heavy on the pad. How do you lighten it up? Put it higher. Reposition your sitting so you can get the weight off that. I write and edit? Sometimes. Other times i can choose not to. Go to city? For what? There's nothing there to do much but walk around. I'd rather do something else that's more interesting.

That is a good view. Aha. There's another one. How do you have that? What's it like to have that easy access? I don't know. It is different. You can play with that energy for now and see what you get out of it. It's similar isn't it. It's only the perspective that's different. How do you make it yours? You've been there before. You have done that as well.

What's different is the echo. I get what you mean. What does that mean? I keep looking to line number. That means i am not in zone? So be it. I enrolled son to high school. That even if we died tomorrow, the kids are going to be alright. They have everything set up. They don't have to go to australia.

If it's relevant then go. In the meantime, this is what we do. What are my other options here? I can go then we can do something else. I can get information on that online anyway. Then do so yourslef. I may have to go to toilet again. Are the neighbors not going out? I think so. The downstairs thing was fixed yesterday.

What happens now? I am not hungry. My eyes feel tired? It's different. But i am not that tired. I can go around. My head is shifting i guess. How to use this energy? Take a quick nap if you have to. Do the vacuum thing. Of course i can do that. I think. I can move into that and see what comes out of it.

Or not. You can vacuum it to clean that out. Then you can take a nap then. My wrists are hurting from that? Do something else. Is that carpal syndrome? Perhaps. Or not. It's positioning or something like that. I am getting sleepy? I think so. But finishing is my habit now. I start so i finish. Let's finish even if i am not writing anything new.

I remember that p.guevarra gas station and the shop in front. We used to go there a lot. I know how to connect with people. Let it go there and see how it goes. What are my other options here? It's social media. Let it go there and see how it goes. You do things and it helps. It extends. You get the message.

I'll write and finish up soon. Is that relevant? I think so. What do you make of this market? I'm not sure but it's still bearish. It went sideways really. I don't think gbp is any stronger now. Maybe it's what they want you to think. Then it's a setup. That's a different spelling. I can take that.

What's in store for today? Do the things you ought to do then get on with your day. You can sleep throughout the day now. It's your thing. I can hang the clothes later. Or not. Just be in this situation and see how it goes. Just finish this one thing and get on. I need to vacuum that place as i need to sleep there.

I'll do so now. The cat can go but he's terrified doesn't like the sound of it. So be it. I need my sleep. He took my spot yesterday and it affected my sleep. Did it? Maybe here's something here for me. I guess so. I can define it that way if need to. Just write. You are almost done here. Post later.

For now, only wirte about these things. I am sleepy? There's another word for it. I'm not going later. I sleep through the day. This is me right now. I choose for myself. I don't have to be for anyone else. It's spring already. I go out for a walk later. It's part of the habit. I can run tomorrow.

Or not. It's up to you. Right now it's time for the nap. I can change things later on. Now that view is nice. How come i don't go there anymore? Why don't you. It's your choice anyway. I can do that. How to get started. You limit yourself there. Why not plan something for christmas?

Do something different.