put it out

i've cleared out our garbage. This is what we do here on. I guess it's going to be ok. You cross the bridge when you get there.

Now what? I'm doing the marathon in 2018. I think it's a signal. It's part of my process. I'm not sure if i can run today but i'll get out there. I do cardio in the mornings. I do them four times a week. Will i reach the finish line?

With my frequency now, i can't. I'm looking for modelling to get me there. My wallpaper now is the marathon finish line. That's where we are going. If i have to walk the rest of the way then i'm going there and will finish it. Is it exciting? It is interesting. It's a transformation for me. I undo all these things in a decade in just one year.

Do i have coffee now? Maybe after my nap. I'll have something else later on. What does thi cat want? I'll have to vacuum again later. I slouch. Is it interesting there. I get something. Now what? I talk with my kids. That series looks fun. It's about family. I have one so it interests me. We have a cat.

This kid goes to westlake. I have a business in place. Start today? I already did. Every morning you line up to it. I fixed the insomnia issue. Don't move. You can after several minutes maybe but it's best not to. You can do meditation that way. I think the wife thought i was already asleep.

It does make sense that way. I cleared the rubbish. I cleaned up our spot. My coriander looks rubust. I can add to it tomorrow. I'll get spring onions this time. Where to plant it? Milk plastic containers. How do you grow them? I don't know yet. I tried one before but this time i'll leave them outside.

I think it works for the coriander. This way we get fresh herbs. What other herbs do i need here? I don't know yet. At least it's fresh and the neighbors can get some if they need them. It's about working together. They did not bother to clean up. That's what jobbers do anyway. I got this.

I was shown in my early days what it's like. We are headed in that direction now. It's going to be difficult but we are going to do that. Break it down to two workouts per day. The other one is later in the day? It's possible. You get your body used to working out that way. I see what you mean.

Get into healing. You take a nap. You rest the body that way. I will add one turn every week? Or maybe one kilometer every month. That sounds reasonable. One kilometer in the field is two rounds or so. I can do that. Do you need entertainment? Not really. I can make this work.

I have everything in place now. I was headed in that direction but i got injured. This time i know better. I won't even wear shoes until it's close enough. We'll see what happens. I will also document my progress here. I'm on this path now. The kids are getting ready for school.

It's a new day. I shifted. It's great this way. Now let's get cracking with this and see where it's headed. Why not get one there? You can if you are keen about it but it's not me anymore. Let's do this then. You can find something to do in there. Or not. It's up to you.

But you know where it's all at. You simply get this going with you. It's the environment. You are going to be a regular in that situation. You don't even have to be otherwise. It's all inside of you. Finish. This is the mantra? It's the state of being. How does it feel like to finish? It's a sigh of relief. It's powerful.

How do you know. There is the second rubbish collector. They come early. I try it for another week. If i get the same results then i'm back with orange. There's hockey game this afternoon. Kids are playing for finals? It's the semi-finals. They have a good strong team this time.

I wasn't interested at first. I made a bet with the kid and he's playing keen since. I may have to borrow from the kids later. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, i have something good in place. I slept for about four hours. I feel refreshed when i woke up. I put on contacts to get ready for that truck.

I finished everything. Is wife leaving earlier than usual? Probably. She's not up this early before. Am i going this thursday? I'm not sure. Maybe i will. I was looking for tuesday but this is what we got so i guess it's not relevant at this time. So be it. Use up the energy get to the other side. How do you get them to work? You can use a clear wrap.

Let's get one of them sandwich bags. I sure will. You get a safety deposit box some place. That way, you can go there when needed. I used to have one. Now you know how it feels like. You used to do good work there. You get how it feels. It's yours now. Let's expand on this and see where it goes.

Do you even need it? I'm not sure. But to see what's here. Let's get cracking with this. I do the laundry. The downstairs are quiet. It's a weekday. They're out weekdays. At least things are moving forward this way. The downstairs used to have a lot of those. More so when their parents came for a visit.

I wonder how their kids are these days. That documentary last nigth was sad. At least they showed cause. Can i go there. I can. It's home for me before. I can hop over there and get something going. The internet is going to improve eventually. If not, i can get someithng working that's open source. How do you do that? You pool them together.

What hppens now? Getting ready for the afternoon. I can do yoga befor that. I get up at two then. I'll take a nap sooner than expected usual? I guess so. This kid had a good nap? I think so too. At least i put it out there. Now what happens? This kid leaves at nine or ten. I'd be out by then. I usually go run at ten.

Then it is ten. The market won't open until one for tokyo session. You don't have to chat with them. It's outside of yours. I think those are legacy code. You can go there but it's not relevant. Unless you say so. It's all part of your process anyway. What happens next?

I don't know. She seems to enjoy it in her head. What happened there? I'm not sure. Maybe it did happen? Probably. But so what? It's in the past. You live here and now. It's what matters most. How do you respond to it. You decide. And then you post this to get to the other side. Then feed them birds later. What's for lunch?

I have sardines. There's hotdogs and burgers. You know what to do. It's a photo-finish thing. I slouch. Then i can change that. It's when you are not aware that you get these feelings. That wakes you up. You decide from there. What now? I was a fool. But that's behind me now. I can choose how to redefine it.

It's why it's there. What can you do about it? I'm not sure. I see what you mean here. You have changed a lot since. Let it go. You are different now. What happens next? I'm not sure. Be in the light. That's path of least resistance. This is downstream for me. I do that then.

Every moment this is what i do. I point downstream. It's an easy choice. It lines up with my creation. This is easy and it works. How can you tell? I am supported. I have abundance. I have choice. I have unlimited opportunities. This is what you are. Awake.

Aware of who i am. I can am moving forward with this. What do you do today? Have fun. I have ea-dev for today. It's what i finish. I have set pages in place. I can do them tutorials. Let's get cracking with this and see where it's going. I have a tutorial? It's in the folders.

Then let's do this thing.