you don't have

i'm supposed to write. I just had coffee anyway and will do yoga in an hour. I don't feel like running right now. Maybe later? We'll see.

Did i write to post yesterday? I'm not sure i did. Probably but daughter was home and we went out and i remember having breakfast. I must have posted when we got back but i'm not sure. And it's alright if i didn't. I have bird pets that i feed with old bread. They play outside my window.

Everyone has gone to their day. Mine is at home tending to the bot. Can i call it a bot farm? Then so be it. This is what i do then. Can you go there and show potential? I think so. These blokes are probably looking for a sink to wash in. I can provide that. Who do you talk to?

There are plenty of them out there. You don't have to buy them. They want to be with you anyway. If not, there's no business being there. You have your own reflection. You don't have to bring in someone else. The market went sideways last night. What to do now? This won't show volatility.

Does it matter? Can you not tell when it's sideways and forming a pennant? I think you can see it from the chart pattern. Can you trade it that way? I think so. I have two ma in place. It tells me what's happening and you also have different time frames. But they don't really matter as my bot can trade off anything.

It's still doing that thing. How do you compensate for that? I don't know yet. It is getting close though. Why not close it and see what happens next? Is it the environment? What if i had windows. Will that bug still be there? I think so. It's just placing orders. Maybe it's that. I don't know. I'll look into it more.

I did find some tools to help me with orders management. There are plenty more online. I go in that direction and see ho it goes. Do you need to see it more often? Not really. You can place them in and see how the market goes. Or not. There be plenty of options for you.

What else is there? Write about it. The pictures are terrible. She sheould be smiling and laughing more often. Try not to look mature when your age is an asset. It's about time. You want to show consciousness instead. Wife chose to see the glass as half full. It's her choice. I don't have to go there myself.

I know what's important anyway. I don't have to go there as i have my own light. I can choose. Because i choose, i always have opportunity with me for me. It's an abundance of opportunity. I have more even if she makes more money. Then how do you see things in that perspective. Realize how many choices you have here and now.

From there you can choose which way to go. It can be this way or that. It's all up to you. It don't matter what everyone else thinks. You can change colorschemes just like that. It all depends on what you are doing. Kid's leaving for school now. I can finish writing then get on with yoga.

It's ok to not run. At least i go for a walk. Or not. Let's see how things go. I can enroll my son later if i'm not doing anything much. If i run later i can go enroll. They close the door at four in the afternoon. I'll see what i can do then. I have to dig up son's papers and documentations.

What else is needed? I can look up the website and see the information. Let's do that then. I can run tomorrow? We shall see. I finish my todo list and see what's instore here. All you do is write. How do you get into that mode? I used to go there a lot. I missed out on a lot of things.

Maybe i should have focused more on that but these images bring regret. What's in my source code? That i can't be there? Those two birds. They are so small. They are fully fed. Why not go out and just enjoy the day? I can do that. But this is shady enough that those reading over your shoulder will have a hard time.

This colorscheme is more for your eyes only. I like the color combo though. I can mimic that and evolve something that's relevant for me. I think i can hack that but not today. I have plenty on my todo list. Only when there's nothing here for you.

Wife gets home early. You go up a mountain and bring a dog wih you and a woman. That is nice. Why don't i do more of that? It's not yet relevant. You get there when you get there. I like colors and it's the palette you seek. Then you know where to go from here. You can go up those peaks and live your life there.

It's always that interesting anyway. What else can we do here? Just be in the moment and see how it goes. You always have a choice. It's not this or that. Why would anyone do that? I don't know. They have definitions that are so negative it comes back to them. You don't prefer that. You can choose something else.

Use it to see into your source code. That's why they come up. You can use it to show contrast. This is feedback telling you how far you've come. You can do that as well. I can walk to grocery and have fun that way. But that won't make you feel good the rest of the day. It's a quick fix that gets you nowhere.

You would rather have a moment of clarity then build up self esteem from there. How do you do that. Imagine how it feels to be there. Youv'e been there before. It's only your source code that keeps you out of eden. It's that simple anyway. There's nothing wrong or evil about it.

I see how the words are twisted. Why did they have to do that? You don't have to dwell there. You now see the echo. Things are different now. You have much to do anyway. You can choose differently now. Do i have to teach? Not really. You can if it interests you, otherwise you go do something more fun.

Like getting out of the house and do that bike tour thing. You then go up peaks and camp there. You know what to do. It's all relevant for you this way. There be kindered spirits that seek your company. You know how to make this work anyway. How big does your memory card have to be? I'm not sure. One terabyte looks enough. Then go for it.

Put it in your frequency. When it becomes relevant then you get the experience. There's somehing here for you anyway. You lean too much on it. You can change things up a bit when you decide to. I think you see where this is headed. It's been a good ride. I appreciate it.

What happens next? You close your eyes and just write. You postthen you do yoga. It's all here and now. What to do? You can travel. You can have quick travels and go out where it's always different. But you don't have to. Use your awareness. It's what you are made of anyway.

Your body is in that awareness. That's all there is to it. How do you measure? Your projection to measure that which is projecting? How ironic. Is there a story in that? It looks like curiosity. How does htat develop? How do you show it that way? Hen you you have a mystery in the making. I see that.

If it's notcoming then let it simmer for now. What's for lunch? I have burger and eggs? There be also sausage. There's chicken in the oven. You can go for that. What else is here? I can check the ref later. For now, only do this. It's all connected this way. I can recharge my phone now.

One is probably already charged. Use habits. That's what causes things to fall into place. I need to add something to bookmarks. This way, when startup in the morning you can see how it's going to be. You can be ready for what's here and now. You trade accordingly. You don't have to but it's all there for you.

Got it.