margin call

i got margin call. What now? To turn this around by christmas, i'm going to do something i haven't done before. I'm not sure the ea can handle it. You've seen it work before. This one ea can handle that. You've seen it before. The other one didn't give you that much return. Ho do you do it this time.

My anxiety has kicked in. Why should this be a bad thing? I have expectations. That's why. I don't think i should go for the other account now. Too late for that now. That big long white is a fluke. I was looking for a turnaround here. It didn't work. What now? It was so strong a move. Maybe the atrs alone work better?

It looks like it. Go for the one hour. Even if you were stopped out, it's going to turn around and give you a better move. What does this tell you now? Go for the moving averages? I think so and the tick volume. You learned something from it. Bands don't really work. On several occasions it has failed before. This pair works well with that method.

What happens now? Bring it down here. Cut the rest off but bring heaven down on earth. Everything is here and now anyway. Do two trades anyway. Will it work that way. Right now, there's no trade here for you so you do nothing. The market's about to close. Keep it this way. I have it in place. You've seen it before. You know what to do. Close everything on friday.

Jesus christ. What happens now? Panic mode if you have to, if you want to, just to let off some steam. You know what to do here. What have you done here? You know what to do. Let's get going. You know what to do. See the ball, hit the ball. That's all there is to it. You can do martingale with this method here. You have a good read. You can martingale this one. Trade with the trend this time. You see how it goes now. It's headed into the 200.

How to trade this then. It's going to go sideways from there. Keep to your reads. The ma is there to tell you when it is sideways. Is price going to shoot up from here? I don't know. We'll see. That looks a lot like climax. How to trade this. Maybe i could have closed the other two? I don't know how to deal with it. For now, just do this. Martingale this.

I think i see what you mean here. Use that but do the other way. I'm turning off the vpn. What can i do about it? Should it have that much? I am gambling here. Do what you know. You can make it work this time. You know the tools. It's there for you. Can you trust me on this? Talk to me bro. You know what to do. If you don't go then so what. You can still make it work. Trust your read on the market. You have a good eye for this. Should i use those levels? It seems to work there. Can you see those. It works until it stops working. I see what you mean. It's a step ladder pattern there.

You have anixiety. I see that. Let's allow this to be here. I work out after this. Then i rest. I do yoga after an hour. Keep it up anyway. You know what to do. If it heads for that, then you can go sideways but be ready for it as well. Do i go short here? I don't think so. Trust your read here.

I'm going through a lot here. What's the point here? It's for you to do the impossible. You have all the tools you need right now. Let's make this work this time. If you get another one, then so be it. You know the drill here. What can i do about it?

Can i make an ea out of it. Trade on the side of the atr. I see. If i did that, i could have gotten that move all the way through. It was there for you. Be patient this time. Be clear about the frequency this time. You know the drill. What can i do now? Do yoga. Do your workout. Keep to the present. Keep to the physical. It's where you ground the energy.

I get that now. It's there for you. Trust me on this. Should i move this account to that side? I don't think you have to. But if you must, then so be it. This time you can see it there anyway. I can move that account over. I think it'll work this time. What about the cost? You make more trades here. What if it corrects this itme? Trade only when you see it. You know what to do here.

At least this time it makes sense. You have been here anyway. You know what to do. I have anxiety. So be it. You can trust me on this. You don't need something else. You listen because you were anxious. It's those carbs you see now? It brought you down. It's your choice anyway. Now you see?

Don't blame yourself. You got something out of it anyway. Now you know how to trade this thing. You can't sleep anyway. You can use the energy this way. Put in the ruls. You know how to use this. You know how to turn this around. Let's do this. It's going to make a correction soon. You are not going to trade that.

What happens now? What if it goes through that one? You don't have to trade them. Turn it off on fridays. Take profits there. You know what to do. You don't have to trade lesser time frames. You want the real juice here. How do you get those moves? Trade on the opm? Always integrate. I know you feel bad.

Ok. Just feel bad for now. What was that move there? Do you listen to them now? They are selling something. Why go there instead. This is the third time? I know. Let it be there. You know what to do about this. No such thing then. It's either it trends or is sideways. What if it works? What if the other bot works? Look at the atr. If it's still there, then it's going to work. But how do you know it makes those moves?

Watch the news. It forms a ledge, then it comes out of that ledge. It goes back in the ledge then comes out and forms another one. Can you see that? Ross talked about this before. How do you trade that? It came out. How do you trade that one? You would have been stoppend out there.

It forms a ledge, then use the atr for entry? How do you know it's a ledge? Swing high swing low. You see that and you know it's there. How can you read that? I can do my workout then do another one then and there. How could you trade these? If you don't get your entry then it's not it?

Three bars too deep means you gotta let go of it. Then you martingale it to make it work. You ride it through to the other side. Legit entry means you can martingale it. If not,let it go. Wait for the next one. You still have plenty of time here. You may have to manual this one. Don't go for that anymore. Trust me on this. You have a good read this time.

Should i trade on the side of the ma? It looks like it. If it't cose, maybe you can do differently. That one there was a false move. But that was a long time ago. Could i have used the ea there? I'm not sur. How can you trade that? You let it go. You could have been stopped out there. That one is a fluke. Ho do you trade that one?

That part, i don't know. But you can make this work this time. Trade on the side of the ma. That makes sense? It does at this time. How do you know you don't have to? Look to the sweetspots. I think i see it here now. That big move right there, there was no entry for you. What about volume? What how can you use that?

I'm not sure. Maybe as portent of things to come? There was nothing there you can use. What other tools can you use here? It could be better if you watched those levels. M5 looks interesting now that i've removed the squiggly lines. How would you have traded that? You were getting signals there. Trust the process. Ho to trade this?

Not yet. I think you can be patient with this one. You see what's happennig here. How do you use that now? Wait for volume? It looks like it for now. Go workout after you finish these. It's going to be fulltime for you here if you trade this way but there are oppontunities. You are now overfitting.

Let it go. Go back to h1. It takes longer to form giving you more time. M5 is going to be fun if you want to trade that way but you don't have to. Trust me on this. I do nothing now? I think it's best you do nothing for now. Talk to yourself. You are your own best coach. You need someone to talk to?

Me and my big mouth. Lesson learned. I can move on now. This is going to crash later on. Man this hurts. How now? You know how to trade. You don't need a bot for this. It would be nice to automate things though. Turst me on this. You know what to do. How do you trade this? Trade the levels. Can i do m5 using the levels? Go for continuation or reversal?

Look at price action at those levels. Now you know what to do. Adjust the indicators and leave them out of it. You know what to do here. Trust me on his one. What else is there for me? Now you revert back. Could i have traded this better? Should i switch accounts?

I can do that.