on that expedition

what's it like to be in that frequency? How do you model what do you model the signal?

Negatives still there. You also have more awareness of the positive. You are more aware of the choices. That it's both valid and you stand at th e zero point most of the time simply because you can choose.

Negatives can happen and they are there. But even if you were caught in a shit storm, you can still go to zero point. When everyone is negative, you can choose to be at zero. Not positive if it's not there but simply allowing for balance in the universe.

If there's a need, you can choose to be a part of their process. The problem? Situation then is how to say no. Someone might do like you do. Give them the money so they don't come back. Don't go all the way though. You need to see how it connects with everything. Even if when you can't see it. But you can choose to help those who have nothing.

You can help anonymously. You can step in and not be acknowledged for what you've done. How do you do that? Synchronicity. You can start a soup kitchen somewhere and people can come in to help. That's how you get more into that. How do you help them get up?

Simply provide for a place to stay. The churches are closed to the homeless on the streets. They close their doors everyday and will not allow the homeless. Why is that? Isn't there something wrong with that equation? They can task them to help clean but instead they close their doors.

You don't have to fighti t. There are people who are aware of it. You odn't khave to go there. You always have a choice here. You can be on your way and simply give your perspectivey you don't have to preach. Simply show this is where i am. You too can travel this path if you choose to do so. It's an open invite. It's up to you.

What's different now? How i respond. I can choose otherwise. Or i can simply be aware of my response and nothing. Just be aware. That's all there is to it. By shedding light to it, i can choose to let go. This is where i am. I can go to that writer's meetup. It's in the morning. I'm not sure. There is that other one.

I'll rest up for the month then go again. What happens next? The kids are sleeping? One is still probably awake. I hear him toss and turn in bed. He did went to bed sooner than usual. I thought it was going to rain but we have red tide. So be it. Tomorrow is sunday. I can get up at noon. She don't have to go to church.

I finish writing. This is what i do now. I can stay up till then and then drive out. We'll see how her schedule goes. I see my sleep pattern. If i can't go to sleep, i get up and do something else. I can write. I can fix up my code. Weekends is sharpenthe saw. This is what i do. I don't have to go there. I can simply be in the light nand do nothing.

What else is there anyway. You can go this way and that. You have so much to explore in this situation. You know what to do. I get it already. It's like running an uber cab. You have this and all you do is watch this noe go. Then you can harvest on a regular babsis. How do i share this?

Simply put, teach them how to fish. I can do that. I can get the brother a pc and connection. Then teach him how to trade. He already knows that. How do you go there. Let him do demo trading. When he's shown profit, i can give him startup capital. Then he can grow that account over time. It can be a part time thing fo him.

At least he has something in place. He can learn programming so he can go there as well. I think that is possible. I am not that much a genius but i have cotext and that i can use well. It's all connected this way. They too have their capital. You know how these things go. How to get more investors?

You don't have to. You already have more than enough anyway. Do you think this can scale? Investors will share from the profit anyway. Plus there is overhead for you. It's an added pressure and weight. You don't want to go there. Be patient. This is key. Build up self esteem as well. You know what to do. What happens next?

I can continue on with that one server and expand from there. I think you know where this is headed. You can run several servers in the cloud. This is more appealing to me. Then i can learn more about it? Not really. You already have it. What happens next? I'm not sure. But you can grow to api access. This way you can play with data.

I'm not sure but the ai is going to look at data anyway. It still lags behind. What you can automate is the repetitive process. You have an edge in that aspect. You can scale on that. How do you do that? You'll see it when you see it. For now, trust the process. It's already here and now. You can write about it or not.

It wasn't fun there today. Too much fear and anxiety. I would rather act on my excitemet, be in the light. Then those who are relevant will be drawn to you. The details will take care of itself. I am done there now. I can do something else. Let's get going there. I can find me a dojo and go there.

Or not. You did well in that situation. Start and just be. This i can do. I don't have to be anything otherwise. You simply are this way anyway. You can go there or not. But it's all up to you. What do you do here and now. I don't know. I can bring along the son.

I don't know. Wife will enjoy that. We can go together. That'd be fun. I can pay for her monthly dues. That is going to be fun together. Let's go in that direction. Intention has been set. We can go to the city dojo then. I'm sure there's one out there.

We can do that. Then we can travel the world on that expedition. We can do two years in one dojo then move on. Time is irrelevant then. You did ten years in one dojo anyway. You go there. It's fun. Let's get cracking then. What else is there. You have a number of these places all over the world. I think you know where this is going. Let's do this.

What else is there. It'd be good to just walk, talk and just be. Those were fun times. We can go there again. I can skip forward and see how it goes. Is there a good reason for that. I think you know what this is about. Others find it and are playing with the code now. You know how it goes. You can make one yourself.

Let's test that then. You don't need others in there asyou can write out your own algorithm. I am going to look into this. I have tools here in linux anyway. I can go play with that energy. And then we can test a lot of other things that way. I don't have to go that way but if needed, then let's see how it goes.

How is this releant? The local mind can only see what happened. It can't see how it's going to happen. It's all here and now. So you let the bot run and trust the synchronicity. It's all connected to you for you anyway. You can be in this light and see how it goes. Then you know what to do.

I am finishing up. I can write twice a day. The trading feels lighter now. I don't even have to run the pc overnight. I already have it in there. Let's see how it goes. Things happen on monday then. I guess so. Let's see how this takes place then i can pick up from there. Is there anything else you need to do?

I'm not sure what you mean. What to do next? I have two hours. Watch a movie or something. See something comedy. I'd like that. I have several anyway. I'll look into that. You know what to do here. I have enough time to go there. I finish these now then post. You have plenty of room to adjust.