feels that way

how about i write for the next thirty or so minutes while i wait out my time. Maybe i get an insight or something. I had a great collection there. Want to bring that with you?

Done. I still have plenty of time but this time, i bring my headphones. You still up for it? Why not connect to higher self? That sounds like a better idea. It feels good too, just to tune in to self. I don't see any difference other than the dsr's.

Then you are in a different level, at. You have shifted. You are always shifting. Them dreams that do not make sense, these are your connections. Writing feels different in the morning. Maybe i can write more? I think i can do that. Everyone goes out today? I think so. Then we can turn off the internet? Someone will do that i think.

I wonder how things are like around here after i go. That sounds like a metaphor but you've been here before. You are going around again? Spiral is a better word. It's more apt because you come around at different levels anyvway. You never cross the same river twice. That is powerful.

How do you know. Should i do something else here? Three are up, the other three are still in bed. Sleeping? Perhaps. And i write much. Do people remember these things? I don't know. Maybe you have made an impression here and there. I think so. Then you do more with less. It's all connected.

I can do auto-topups so i don't have to go there anymore. Do so at the end of the month so they alternate with something. But you have that bi-weekly. Then let's do that anyway. I can write more in the mornings then. It seems like it, so let's get to it. Is this a better font? I write much but what comes of it? I got sidetracked there.

How do you know this is a better alt for you? Because it's connected that way. How do i go back? Write much. Provide solutions. They too have problems. Surely they have tried looking in that direction. I will go check that out. I will see some folks come in later maybe. I can see how these things go.

It's this and that. You will find what you need soon or late. It connects back to you everything. Now what happens? Where do we go later? Try something new? I can do that. But that place has plenty of good food there. Let's try something different. I can do them videos. They are more sincere that way.

I don't know what to say. You will have something relevant to say soon as you go there. Then i need more storage. You don't need per se but it'll be there for you. Trust the timing then. I see where you are going with this. I have half quarter. Then kid out. Next is me i go then another one. I think she still takes uber. I have stuff to do i skipped out on.

Then it is not relevant for you. Everything that's relevant is going to be here and now right ront and center. You don't have to know everything. You only need to be here and now. bE here and now. Then everything that's relevant comes to you. It's that simple. This is how the universe works. Let it work for you.

This is what the secret is about? It feels that way. Then you can go ahead with this and connect. I can upload these later on. I have much in the library anyway. Let's start clearing that up and see where it's going. We finish late later. I think they can do grocery later but i don't have my food in there.

See what else opens up. The cash flow happens later. It's not the object but it's a process? An event? Then this is different already. You have redefined your universe. Is this kid going out to school? She usually leaves earlier than i do. I have time to get there but it's going to be tight. I can finish off at line thirty.

So be it. Done.