was a homerun

i'm listening to my playlist radio and the kids are all in their rooms. I had a pretty good day. I faced my fear and learned something in the process. And a lady said i had a sexy voice.

I think it was a serious compliment so i'll take and run with it. I don't know what to do with this but this is downstream for me. When things were bleak, this job happened and it's a good company with good people i've met. I'll take this as far as it will go and see how it plays out -- no expectations.

And this is why i write. This connects me to flow. I can listen to my friends but this is downstream for me. Let it be so. I write fifty lines. I guess i am a people person and i'll do this. I'm not that. I can write but programming, it's going to the back for now.

It's good that i know how to code. This helps with my trading. I'd still code and trade. This is like a back hobby for me. In the meantime, i might have to move to the city? Not really. I have much in my plate right now. Let's see how this goes. The office looks ok but it's tight and crowded. Let's see how it goes and then we can make something out of it.

That they are doing cost cutting tells me that marketing isn't doing its job. Then i can help there in some way. Let's see how this goes and play this out. Even if i were to take the earliest shift, i don't think i can make it to toastmasters that way. I may have to do weekends in birkenhead. That's the only weekend gig i know that's nearby.

Wife has work then so i may have to take the bus. Or do the milford one. That's closer but saturdays gives me a more regular schedule as i tend to have weekdays off. Let's see how that goes then. I think i'll get that line next week when i go nesting. Let it go for now. You see are not really using it much. Then i can do a lot of other things along the way.

Like what? Pay attention to flow. What goes on through your head. I saw that happen this week. I was open and the ideas came to me. It was spontaneous and natural. It was raw and i liked the ideas that came through. This here is an old song from my youth? Somewhere around that time. Wife comes home late today. I can go to bed early.

I took a nap when i got home. It wasn't a long nap. It was more like five minutes and i was already awake. My sleep pattern is different now. This is how malleable the universe is for me. I like that i have this energy. That i can shift into infinity at will. It's inside out. You don't have to wear a cape and tights to have them capability.

What's the difference? I think the other one is skill and the other is a measure? Something like that. I can write without that. This is good recording. This is what i listen for. It's radio. I am going to miss out on this one and take the one in feb. Let's see how it goes then. Is this going to be fun? I think so.

Take the calls. You get better for it. I like that one lady. She has a good heart. Then she'll make good friends in there. I wonder what her career path is like. People get in to this and want to move out. I think you'll find something else in there. Then you get what you need out of it. It's hell enough for them. You don't have to go through that.

It's all a reflection anyway. Trust the timing. It's all connected. That light gets brighter. We move out to nesting and eventually to our own groups. I won't get to talk to them anymore but the circle expands. You grow into these things. They seem to know each other well. What's going to happen here?

I am thinking that way. Is that connected? It looks like it. I will look into that. What time does the bus come around? I will look into that. I just repeated myself. I see synchronicity everywhere. That confirms a lot for you doesn't it. And i learned something along the way. You can write this much. Research that and you will see how it goes.

Do i do fiverr again? This helps me to build up my portfolio. This also connects with my higher self. Then do so. It's an idea that's relevant. How do you know? Because it's here. Everything that's relevant is going to make their way towards you. It's how the universe was made. Contrast comes with that but it's all feedback anyway.

And you used that this afternoon. You put a positive meaning into it. You had contrast and it was a reflection. I was pleased with myself and i went home feeling good about myself. I knew what i was doing this time. How long did it take you? This time i am aware of what's ahppening around me. Then play with it much.

I can fund my trading account. This is why it's here. Then move forward with it. Do you have to withdraw anything? I don't think so. I will see this through and get things happening again. The market seems small right now but there is something to it. I think you know where this is going anyway.

Aha. That's a leverage moment there. See where that is going. I like listening to music like this. It's great when it's quiet at home. I have the skillet seasoning. I can turn to cooking now. Let's get right to it. This is a good skill i can keep on doing. And what else is there for you. It's a test kitchen you can work on. Let's see how it goes then.

I will look into these things. What happened to that career path seminar? I don't know. Maybe i will look into it in the future. For now, this is where i am. This is the thirty percent but this is the bazaar. This is where it all falls into place. This is where all the best ideas come from -- almost. I tend to not generalize.

What is this track? I've heard it before. This is like that bishop thing. It's eddie murphy. I forgot the title but it's one of my fallback movies that i like. I will look into that in the future. For now, only enjoy the music. This is what i listen to. I write much. I can go into that. But will i have time to do the research?

I think so. Where else will i take this? I don't know yet. But this is here. You don't have to go very far. This is where i am anyway. Can i refer anyone that i know? They've probably seen the job ad anyway. Then they can go in there and see how it goes. It's all here for you. How do you get this anyway.

That one trade was a homerun. If you get that much each time then you can go far withthis. That one is spot on with the one percetn target for the day. I think this is connected for you. See how easy that was? You can leverage this and scale up or down as it pleases you. How do i play with this?

Just enjoy the process. There's much that the kids do. They are big now. I can move on. How to get from here to there? I don't know yet. Know though that this is connected for you. Trust the process. I checked the account. I can move forward and see how it goes then.

There's nothing there right now and i'm fine with it. Let's see how this goes then. Are you in place? Everything is in place. Everything is perfect as it is. Am i sleepy now? I didn't like that one track but this one is good. I wrote much faster but this is where i am.

Then i can listen to this. The recording is good. You have soundstage. This is how you spend your time? I think so. You can move into that space. Not a lot of folks enjoy doing that. You can find other clubs. The weekend ones look good. Let's see how that goes and see what happens. I am almost done?

Just keep writing. It's and that. Four is too early. I have work and i don't think i can step out for that. Why did they put it that early? I have no idea. Weekends look promising? I think so. More so for folks like me. I can go check that out then. I use google. I can see how this goes for me.

Play with the energy. It's all here for you anyway. Write much. You connect with the quality and it's all you anyway. I can listen to this for tonight and pick out the ones that work out anyway. This are fun times isn't it. Enjoy. You have second wind.

Play with it.