flows through you

the payday bot seems to be working fine with the latest settings. I keep going back to that. It's creation giving showing me contrast how i've changed since. Your response to it is different as you spiral around it.

It's why thhis is here. Payday was yesterday when i thought it was next week. That was a sigh of relief. It's abundance? Part of it. There are other means and i am open to experience the different ways this can manifest itself.

In what way? You had it ten years and it felt good. Things felt effortless and i had fun with the experience. Now it's the same but almost different. This time you can do it this way. Now you see what's happening how doyou wish intend to move forward? I think the meeting is about that to showcase what's about to happen.

Then we can move forward with this. Stick to adherence. You will know what to do when you get there. It connects everything for you. Now what else needs to be here? I have clothes to pick in that room. She's not up yet so i wait a few more minutes. Soon as i finish these i go over there. What are my options here?

Kid is going to get that and there be a lot that is going through. That lady makes a lot of noise walking around. She walks with a heavy feet. Like dragging her feet through life. But you sit through it. This is the contrast. You be in the light through all the dark. Is there another different way to do this?

There is. Then i am open to all possibilities. I need to transfer to that and i'll do it tonight when i get back. Tomorrow is ten thirty. I get home much later. I'm fine with that as well. It's all connected anyway. You get one call anyway and sit through it. I thought it was boiling there.

I have my eyes on it. I am aiming for soft boiled. How to get to masterchef? You cook everyday. You learn something new everyday. In a year, that's a lot of technique you have there. Locate that lady. You are all in this anyway. She goes through the same thing. I guess it is that way after all.

It's just more people through in there. Where does she get on? Earlier than my stop. What's the story there? Is it going to boil soon? Do i....not boiling yet. Finish time for writing. You write no intention, insistence or expectations. Write what comes to mind. Red object. Black and white. Looks like comics.

Alarm it's seven. Is she going out early? It's thursday. Maybe we can have rain tonight. It's time for that anyway. Boiling eggs for her as well. She likes it made in the morning not from last night. Or was it the daughter that took the other one? She has two jobs can you imagine that? She knows how to hustle then.

She makes friends in the grocery? That connects with synchronicity. She is enjoying her work i suppose. And you can write all this. You have meeting so you can bring it up. But if they go throuh all that then he'd probably know about it now. I can will bring it up later. If it goes in then we'll see how it goes.

There's going to be looking into it. The bot runs. Where else to get that up and running. It's going to take a few minutes to get that set. Let's do this then. No more of that. At least it happened that way. Maybe i can find a different way to secure things. Surely there is. Let's figure see how it's going to go.

It's her choice. You always have choice as to what goes through your head. At times that's the difference between alignment and scattered all over. It's quiet this way i'll go there and steeper hill. Then you can see how it connects to everything. I wonder where we'll go this time. You can have that in my bookmarks or something.

Write much the kid is going to school? I don't know. They should have made the trip on a friday but i guess the shop is busy then. Better when it's less people in there. I got so dizzy i don't enjoy going on rides as much. It feels kinda shallow. It's the experience they are after. Then i get that. It's the same with me.

Egg boiled. I write mornings when i have time. Shift rotates. This is life. Gives me more leeway in between and i take it anyway. I use it my own ways. I can get me clothes now but i finish these first. How come she gets up early? They grow up fast. Weekend is coming up. Looking forward to it.

What can i do here? Travel. Ride the bike. That's what this is all about anyway. You can sit in front of the pc. Bring the kids if you want. Saturday night has dinner with the family. You can go out in the day. It's up to you. I can check out prices in bike shop. Big bike not going to happen yet. I have plenty in here to play with.

I don't have that now but it's coming up. What else is there? I'm not sure. This is what you have right now so you can play with this. You get much around here. Sit through it. No escape. You get better connect when you connect. That went around. Because it's all here and now anyway. You can walk right through it.

What else is there. What do you see on your phone? I think it's the connection they lose but it gives me feedback i can use. This is where you have abundance. You get what you need, not a second early but not a second too late. It's just perfect timing. And timing is there for you when you trust it.

You know how it goes. So i leveled up a bit just to appease other people's baggage. At least i am in a different frequency. I am learning much abotut this. So much here for you anyway. Is it going this way or that? Should it be tighter? I can go tight. How will it work for you? I'll look into this. I think you see how it gan go both ways.

But for now, this is where i am. You see the difference in price. That too is a factor. There were news but it's still up. I guess the spreads were not a factor this time. Use it any way you seem fit. You can travel, have good food, good sex. These three are mi energy. You resonate and you reflect.

How to get more awareness of it? You see the contrast. What's similrar now? What's different about it. This is how you bring heaven on earth. You respond from the's where the projection illusion comes from anyway. Then you get the experience. It's simply how you respond to it. What do you respond to? Your projection.

It the world experiential reality flows through you. It's not something on the outside other than your projection. It's kinda vague i don't have it now but it's there and i trust that it'll be there in perfect timing. This is how you get the ideas. Then you expand and make it all work out. It's all about this anyway.

Fear i have it. It manifests in a lot of ways. It's also energy i can use to check in on my source code. Telling me where there is no alginment so i can redefine it. And then you run the bot. And then it lines up or not you go in again and check. It's like a spiral going back and forth but on a different level.

No need to be like that. It doesn't resonate at this time. I can make it all work out in every way. What is it about? We were not there and they can't talk about it. But i am going through it. They say it's about the changes happening. Why is it like that anyway? I'm not sure. But you see things going this way and that.

Finish writing then get on with your day. You can post later. I can get back to bed. At least it's done. No rush doing later. Saved. Just move on from here. I have plenty running in my head. Did he put them away? I think so. He had time. Then he took a nap. Did wife do it for him? I'm not sure.

I'm alright with it. Can't wait to finish so you lost the connection? Not really. It's still there. You explore this path. You can go next year. It's still here anyway. At least from there you have much unlimited. Maybe that's a better word to it. Your energy is unlimited projection reflection. It's always streaming.

Use it that way.