this goes so

shit happens. That's a fact of life. But it's how you respond to it that counts. You can see it like that, or choose to be positive about it. The outside is an illusion. You are not lacking. It's what you say it is that matters. State of being matters.

You do not and cannot change the outside. You change from the inside. That was a wild move on cable and got a margin call. Good thing price went a side quick and eased the pressure on the bot. I switched to swiss francs instead. This seems to be more steady -- at least for now. Let's see how it goes from here.

You don't want a margin call everytime news comes out. You want a steady move in one direction. Maybe price went dilly-dally before it picked a side. Then you have to find a way to make that work. This isn't sales. You don't thrive in that env. Find something to do during the day then focus on the business when you get home.

Everything happens for a reason so this showed you something about yourself. I have anxiety. I see it. I sticked with the program during day off. I made it through that far. I can make it through today. One day at a time. Better response, positive response is the name of the game. You don't have to go that way.

Be on the inside and the outside will follow suit. You have strong background on this. See how it serves you here. Do i have to bring that with me? Perhaps not. I have this here anyway. I can bring the jacket or an umbrella instead. I feel like doing the umbrella thing so go that way then.

Is there another way? It's not going to be wild like that but do this here and see how it goes. That was a lot of move there. Should i even have this open right now? I get home as london session opens. I can decide on it when i get home. Or not. Dollar bulls usually come out last quarter. Let's see how it goes.

It's friday but my weekend doesn't start until tomorrow. More shifts weekend on this so i guess there's less on weekends. But that's just me. It is what it is. Don't pray for an easy life, change your response to it. This puts it square on my responsibility. That's where you want to be. You know how to take it from here. I don't think this kid is going to school.

I'll email the school and take it from there. I'm glad that call didn't affect the position much. But it showed me a lesson, gave me an insight. Now i see which way to go. It don't have to go there but you see the point to all this. I can do that part there and then take it the other way. I've made decisions that i learned from. It's how you frame it anyway.

I keep this here so when i finish writing i can fire off that email. And then what happens? At least he's home. I don't have to fret about these things then. What time do you get that call? I'll check my email soon as i get there. Or not. I can simply restart my phone. They are on top of things so you can let go now.

I hold my breath. Keep it coming. You can do something here for you. You got something out of the experience. Let's get right to it and see how it goes. Should i be trading something else in the meantime? Not really. You can look into it if you want but this here looks better based on experience. This lady is hot.

I can go down on that. But there are a lot of options going around. You can leverage expand differently. This is the path here now. Wife brings the car to the city. You can do a lot of other things here. The young'uns worry about partner choice. Do you even want to consider that? Not really. There's a lot here going for you.

Trust the timing. You can be coach and go around a lot. Or do something else altogether. Social media has a lot of writing to it. That's something i can do a lot of. Then go down that path. You don't have to stay in here. There be plenty of applicants but you write more in that scenario. Let's get shifting to it then.

How are your stats? It's doing alright. Focus on quality. You can do this. You've seen worse. You can redefine this and shift. It's not that hard really. Your gig is to get info and to give info. You control that. You can't control that side of the equation though. Trust the timing here. You've been here before. That software support was the hardest.

I didn't know what i was doing then. Things are different now. You can go in there and do so for them or stick with this one here. I can try do basic troubleshooting but if when it gets out of hand, advise that they visit a store so someone can see firsthand what's going on with the phone. Is that possible?

It is an opportunity to get a new phone anyway on installment. Am i getting myself one? Of course that is a possibility. Then let's get right through it. I can do that on the weekend, sunday sounds good. Walk into the store and see how it goes. You can ask questions there or not. Let's try this one then.

You have a credit line means you were approved. Then is there a better way to get around here? You can pay it off earlier. The thing about this is that you do one percent each day gets you to that side of the energy. But it's both here anyway. Trust the timing here. People are up? I hear footsteps.

Yesterady someone was doing a lot of laundry. The situation here is different. Son can stay home when that guy comes in. I think i have two daughters off from school by then. That takes care of it. Then you know what it is you are doing. It's an easy harvest. You don't have to hit homeruns. Only get to the other side each time and you'll see how it goes.

That was a good move there. It showed much about my position. Then use that energy. It's always connecting for you. I process my energy this way. I have anxiety much. You don't have to go that way. I can have that prescription and prefer choose to have natural remedies. Is this affecting my thinking?

You need to switch over your energy. Check under the hood. I enjoy writing to influence. Then you can see how that path leads to yours. No expectations. Only shift your energy into it and see the projection. That's how all this connects to all that is. It's not out there. You have it all in you. Use the energy.

That's the best advice i can give myself here. It gets easier because you grow into it. Learn something new about your tool each day and in a month you have grown much. It spirals back into it and outward as well. That's how the energy works. Learn something new. Take the time to learn the tool. Shed more light into it because it's already there.

You know how this goes so trust the timing. I can recharge this later. We have that coming in. Can i go there? I think it's possible. I can get there by seven. I'll have a look around and come back sunday like that guy. Or not. Let's see how things go and see what connects from here.

I don't have to reserve tickets that way. Only hang out with them there. Should i go there or take it easy sunday instead. I can hang out with the kids that way. I think son had a great time yesterday. He gets anxious and i allow him that space. He can change that easy once he is aware of it. Then trust the timing on this.

It's all connected for you. Now that you got something positive out of that, see how the energy shifts. Then you can see a pathway open up where you thought none exists. You have seen it happen. Now you know where this is going. Are you the floor manager? It sounds like it. Then you can have something going here for you.

That's how you get things going there. They can wait a long time if needed but this is how it is moving forward. You know what to do at each level. Ask questions. Get clear about what needs to get done. Get the information. Ask someone on the floor if need be. Get back with the information.

Doing this day in day out. That's what the game is about. You have expectations still. It don't have to be a good day because you make it one anyway. I have a bot running on the side and it's growing the account. It has a simple harvest mode turned on so it works without me having to hover. I can do sometihng else.

That's an edge.