for a different

no reply from daughter. That means i go to the next item in my todo list--i write. I've had a lot of things in my day. Taking that early leave means a lot. It can be positive the other way as well. But this is balance for me.

Three days and we have balance. But that is reflection. You have balance now. Yes. That is true. If jon loses his job, i may have to support him rather than help him get a cab. This so i can have more leverage on the cash flow and the business. I invest in the uber and that's a lot of problem i can't see.

You can't run a business in remote control. I already paid tuition for that. What is that. It was not what i expected but i found out about it as well. HOw is this pair going to trade? HOw do i trade this? You have it in place. Now you do something about it. I don't think it's going anywhere.

Ten pip range versus twenty three with aud. It's because this other pair is more active in this session? I think so. Let it be there. If daughter sms for pick up, i'll drop writing and drive over there. I pick life and action over planning and stuff like that. Action grounds the energy. You get what this means.

HOw long will that brisket be cooking? Should i lower the temp? I can lower that. The fly seems like takes its cue from the awareness i have of it. That could be something there. Will this pair continue on at this level? We'll see. Right now, it's doing nothing. I leave it at that. It did show weakness on sweetspot.

HOw do you trade this then? Look for 123 pattern then trade accordingly. Trade the pullback. HOw far will it go then? I'm not sure. If it were true failure, it's going to go back down one sweetspot. I was saddened at how things are right now. But this is hte reflection for me. I got something out of it.

When push comes to shove, i will help out. We are connected that way. This time when kids get back from school. But things are different now. At least if kids need a ride home they can get an uber. That takes care of that question in my head. Then you can focus on a lot of other things.

Like this business. You buy and sell. You don't buy inventory just to sell it at a loss. This is what this business is about. No need for homerun trades. You buy and sell at profit. You do so with less capital and you can leverage as much as you can. For now, this makes sense.

What are my other options here? I'm not sure. Finish writing. This other pair with the yen seems to be consolidatinng for continuation. Should i lower the temp? It is already low. Bro needs internet. HOw do you propose we do that? We take care of the basics. While at this level, he learns a lot of things. HE has to be committed to this.

HOw is his learning abilities? I don't know yet. HE might go for a different job. Even the cousin is unemployed. What's happening there. HIs two other friends are in the same boat. Is that his frequency vibration? HOw do you make things different?

You shine by example. HOw do yuo do that? You show him the opportunities available. HE has no internet. But he can get free wifi? Where? That doesn't exist. I don't think so. If you get him on visit visa, how is he going to get supported? What about the kids? I can help with that. I may have to support her education.

Ok. That takes care of it. HOw else is she going to get to that side? You let her learn by doing. Then she can attend other gigs. I think i see the path here. You know what to do. She has to hustle. You learn by doing. It's ok to be poor. That gives you an advantage. You pick up skills you normally wouldn't if you had special situations.

It's just a projections. You got lucky there. That doesn't mean you are better. It's only that your situation is different and that your path is different. HOw do you teach that by example? You can tell them stories. There's always story. What is that fly doing? Why not go on the other side?

It takes its cue from your awareness of it. HOw come she didn't reply? I'm not sure. But if she needed a ride then she'll send me a message. If not, then it's not relevant for me at this time. What to do then? I can go out for a walk. I pick up one daughter at nine. What do i do then?

This is the predicament. Soon as you run out of things to do then you look at other options. For now, only do this. HIs is where i am. Let's get cracking with this and see where it's going. You know what to do. In a farm, you raise livestock so you can sell them at profit. You don't slaughter them just because it's time.

This is what you do on the payday farm. It's the same principle. Do not do like the others. They have a different path. You only need be consistent with this and you'll find yourself on that frequency. Which frequency? Pws. It's that template. It's not a definite insistence or expectation. It's just that energy feeling intention.

Then let's go for it. Is this pair going to go up or down? I don't know. It does what it does. Then i can let go of it. Look for another pattern and trade accordingly. You have the charts. Yo uhave the levels. Look to these and see what you can do. You already have it in place. No time frame. You see what happens. You trade accordingly.

And then what? Life starts over. You already are clarity. You are open to what is. Then you can expand on this and see where it's going. The guys take advantage of that. I am in here for the long term. It's a bot. You run the bot make sure it has enough fuel. Then you can see where this is all going. It's boring at times to watch paint dry.

This is part of doing business then. Should i do that? Not yet. It is a possibility but not yet. You'll know when the timing is right. But if it's not, then it's going to be difficult. You see what i mean here. What do i do when i finish? I'm not sure. You'll know when you get there.

I can grab something to eat. I can go out for a walk. I already had my walk. Go to that park. I can take a nap? I don't feel sleepy. I had a short nap earlier. I think wife and kids are going to tanay today. I wonder what that place is about. That place was two sides of the stick. It was both fun and a pain. It was a learning experience for me.

HOw could things have been different? I was young. I needed guidance in there. HOw could you have made it different then? I am not so sure. But you see all this in place. You got something out of it. It's time to move on. Your response to it is already different.

No need to block. You are by awareness and reflection. This is the prime radiant. You get what that means. HOw do you make this into a story? You write the story that comes to you. It is going to feel easy that way. No need to strike information. It'll be there when the story is ready. If not, do something else.

Like this one. HOw else can you do something in here? This pair looks good for trending. I can play with that. The spreads get wide at times. I'm alright with it. The ting about it is that it goes far and wide. That's where you want to go with this. HOw else do you do it?

Finish writing and you'll see what else is there. The orders are in place. If i close this, do they still stay in place? Of course. It's not a bot. Once orders are sent, it stays with the server until filled or cancelled. You can play with these orders as well.

HOw did he learn about those things? I don't know yet. But there are stuff here yo uneed to do. HOw did he go there? It's what's relevant for him, otherwise, the story would have been different. It's good that he found someone who loves him. We are lucky in that way. Look to the story.

HOw is that related?