have to do

i enjoy these live cam videos. They show a different slice of place. Not this one though. That one kept shifting. Lying down back in bed i'd only go through negative energy.

The head will want what's familiar and comfortable. That's predictable and easy. But this gets easier by day. This is new and unfamiliar. This is good for you. It's feedback. Use it that way. You will move on and forward with this.

You get these folks now and then. It'll turn out ok trust me on this one. There be negatives in the area. You can choose to be negative, or bring it all to zero. That's how you create your reality. Only be positive.

They left them behind. I can see that now. I can do things different. Phone is charging. You got spoilt with that phone but i'm alright with this one. I can do other things in here. You can do them manually from here on. It's ok that way.

I only need a listening to. How do i get better audiobooks? Not all of them is outstanding. You can still find something here. This is in canada. I can set something up outside the door. Or maybe something else. Let's do it later. For now, only do this. Is that snow or smoke?

It's not consistently everywhere so i'm thinking it's smoke. Was it hardware? Can i change that now? I will look into it. On my free time let's dig deep into it and see how it works. At least get something that people can use to browse the net.

You can do a simple ubuntu install into that. Writing gets easier this way. How is emotions tied in? It's the energy. You write about the energy and you find the dsr's to it. I write this way now and i keep shifting. You get that habit in place eventually.

I can turn this screen off if needed. For now, i only do this. Today is last day in here. I am moving forward with this. It was a good learning experience. Now i use it on my own and add to the energy. This is what you do. What else is next?

I can clean up that lens but not right now. I have food in place. It's good eating that way. I start at eight again next week. I leave around six or before seven. I'm fine with it i guess. I get home earlier. That moves an hour or so. At least it's consistent.

I take a nap on the bus when i can. This so i don't have to do it at home. Still it's a five minute nap at home. Nothing fancy. This is my life now. Find the light be in the light. This is what i do now. At least two other things are happening. The cash flow for the business and the trade business.

Then i am also building up bankroll for poker and uber. These are the things that i do then. You know what to do with this. It's not for recreation but the regular grinders may not look into that. You can do research on this. I can look into it on my free time.

I have stuff to do in the weekend. I have a choice in here. What happens now? Is there a big news coming out? I can go back to bed, or not. It all depends on what you want. At least these are all in here. I get roaming profile. That's what they call it.

You have a fixed schedule then. You are in this and can get something out of it. Everyone wants it that way. You know what to do there. You simply get to that point and see how it goes. You have negative and positive energy this way. You integrate and put yourself in the balance point.

How? You allow for it to be there and see why it's there for you. Closing the eyes help make the flow come hither. You can edit later anyway. At least get a tmier in sound so you don't have to see where this is going. She has no alarm? I can fix that.

Phone turned over yesterday. I think it's all in place now. That happened so fast i did not expect that. I can play with this and see where it's going from here. Also good it's not too sensitive. But you can work with that as well. Is that a park? It could be. It gets too cold in that env.

I can play with that. Or not. This is the way it is around here. Is this good or bad? Time went by so fast. You gotta watch out for this. Five years is a lot in here. You can use it to your leverage. How do i do that? Always be aware. When you get there you can tune out but you are zoomed in because you are aware of your energy. Zoom out of the negs.

I see what you mean there. I still peek out to see where it's going. I get what you mean though. I can do that tonight. Better yet do something else in here. No need for long lines. Just go for the timing. I can get coffee later. Unless wife is finishing early. Then we can go, or not.

Where to get good coffee. I don't know yet. We'll see what we can do here. You have choices all the time. I get what you mean here. I like that tofu and pork. You can make one yourself you have more than enough tools. Why not get that tool? Let's do that today. I'll do so when i get home.

Is it cheaper that way? Of course. Three times cheaper. This is why they get more customers. It's not just him. It's the team behind. They only focus on one but he's not really orchestrating. He is resonating with the energy. That's what you do.

It's easier that way. You make sure that's in place there. How do you get to the other side this way? I'm not sure how. Local mind not designed to know that. It only is to percieve that it's happening focused only here and now. You get the ideas across. But you can be detailed as possible.

That part just got easier. I get how to work that magic now. You know what to do here. You can reset that anytime anyway. You help much faster that way. You have that down to a science now. How come they did not know that? I'm not sure.

Can you teach that? If i have to. At least you see what's happening here. You can even do these ones faster. Is it easier to walk them through it or simply do it on your own. I know the answer to that one already. I can still go back to bed.

I got up sooner on that one. Why is she doing vacuum? I'm not sure but these are crazy people. They can deal with that or do something else. You see where this is going. You can write about it then. It's a different energy focus. I get what you mean there.

How is that different for you then? Why'd she stop? It's a taxi not uber. Then you can create that path for yourself. Let's get that worked out over the weekend. Line up the energy. That's all you do at every moment. You have all this to play with.

I see it clearer now. Not this or that. You are prime radiant. Use it that way. Then you create your own universe. It's path of least resistance. You are moving into this reality where it's so effortless it's amazisg. How do you share into that?

You'll know.