in a day

this is set two. I'm making it a habit to do four pages in a day. Weekends are easy. Weekdays coming home from work, it's a stretch.

Plus i changed config on my vim. I switched back to control-g. The other one had issues with h as the first letter. This way takes getting used to again but it's going to work. I'm done with dev work. I am putting more awareness into my writing. I simply write. No insistence or expectations. I write what comes to mind. I behave as if i were a writer. What i write at this moment doesn't matter.

What's important is that i am writing. Let's see where this goes. I have anxiety but when i get to that part i am able to handle it. I don't have to test my self but i know. I have a choice. This is what's in store for me here. There be other things. But in this moment, i am learning toshift through time.

How do you do that? Immerse your self in the moment. I do that by taking calls. I get a call, i work through it and next thing you know, it's break time. I do it all over again and then it's time to go home. I am at peace. That nap i have on the bus is good. Next week i wait up for the wife.

It's not going to be a long wait as i finish at five thirty. I walk over there and she's just come out from work. We wait for the bus, i take a nap and then we get home. This is my routine now. The only difference is that we are in a different country. My kids have better opportunities than i did?

Not that it's better, only that it's different and are relevant to their process. And so are yours. Nothing is better or worse. The question is that is it relevant. This is what you learned here. I am moving forward and writing about this. They are in departure now? I think so.

What can you do about it? They stop by kuala lumpur. It's in malaysia. Then they head back to auckland. I don't have to pick up as that's the time i get home. They will have to wait an hour when they could have taken an uber and got home sooner. I also need to get pizza when i get home. Or at least go when they land auckland.

It would be exciting to fly out. This is my process. They have boarded the plane. That was fast. It felt like forever last time. Then they land in kl and then they board another plane coming home. This is home for us now. What's happening here? See the energy. What's in that energy.

Things that can be. Not will be. You can't predict the future because the energy is always changing here and now. It's always shifting though and you can see the shift happen. So what's next is what's more related or relevant to what is.

I don't have to predict that. I can go to bed at midnight. I have two more sessions after this. I can finish then rest half an hour then start over again. I can do the dishes after these. That's a good half hour so i don't have to do them tomorrow. Or not.

I can simply go to bed. I can get up early again. I'm alright with that. This means i have longer day. It's been raining all day. The weather is improving tomorrow. There'd still be rains. I'm a sun person then. This is the duality in everything. It's summer but you haev rains like it's winter.

I remember that santa lucia movie. We used to go there a lot. That's how we enjoyed time together. Is it drifting apart? I don't know. There's a gap in there. I won't fight it. If she wants out then it's going to hurt but i can get something out of it. I can move on.

It's all connected. Or nothing is going to happen. Like this could be inertia and go on forever. Not forever. It's going to look the same this moment but if you looked closer, it's a whole different ball game. How do you know that? For one, i am writing again and yet it's not the same writing.

If you zoomed out or in, you see subtle differences and similarities. This is how you are prime radiant. You see the differentce? You felt that. It felt right. It's because this is what's relevant for you. What is that noise. It sounds like it's inside the house but it's out by the window.

Do you have to listen to all that? Are they spending the night in the plane? Then they will sleep it off. When they get up it's going to be going to auckland. They land there like late afternoon. I guess they also will move sooner to a different plane. Or they may have to wait a long time.

Give her space. That lady stalked by an ex. That's a sad story. Was i ever there? I think so. But i've learned from it. Time for me to move on. Is there anything you can do? Yes. Change your response to it. You see how what happened is connected to what you are now? It's clear crystal as. And you are using it.

And you are ok with this. I am at peace with this. It's what i created anyway. It was a good experience. I can repeat that and make the same choices. Would i? What if you went back in time? Given all that you know, how do you respond? I am not sure. I would respond differently. But it's never the same. You make it different all the time.

What's out there is an illusion. It doesn't mean a thing. I am keeping the red phone case. I have been using it more and i dnon't see how the new one is a good protector. You want that screen to last longer. Although yo uhave been careful with your phone before.

That last one was an accident but it was relevant for you. What comes next? Trust the timing then. I am writing much. Can i finish four pages? I'll see what i can do. This is what i do all the time now? It's ok. I am ok with that. Why didn't i just go deep into it?

I think i did but there were distractions. Now things are different and you still have opportunity. You gave yourself this oppportunity. What are you going to write about it? At least write an outline. What if you had magic powers, like that ability to shift and match frequency. How will you live in this world?

First off i'd track down that nephew. How do you do that? Go through what happened. You first match the frequency then you see where he was headed. The energy is still there. Nothing is ever lost or created. It the energy only changes. You can track that energy and see where it went.

You had hardware error support. I can use them again. I can create me a website but i don't really have to anyway. I can look into that. I can do an imgur thing. I can post it there and see how it goes. I think i can do that. What else is there? I can look it up and see how it goes.

Or send myself the link and save it on browser. I can do that. Let's add that over so i don't have to go through that anymore. I can also look up solutions and see what happens. I can maybe put folders inside folders and see how it goes. She didn't even text me.

I think you have an idea there. Let it be. You can make changes as you go along. This is yours anyway. Is she going to tell you about these things? I don't know. But she is on shutdown mode and i'm alright with it. What happened there. The light was lost. Too dark?

It seems like it. Post these without pics or you'll run out soon enough. I get that. Then i can start up another one. I can post outlines at my dropbox or g-drive. It don't matter where. You only need more access to it. Dropbox offers more storage for less price. I am thinking about it but it's not relevant right now.

Then do nothing.